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Brize Norton 1988

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Date: 17/18 June 1988

Made by: Dave Ashworth, Graham Greaves, Rich Tregear

Updated: 2 January 2011

AT29		Alpha Jet		BAF
26+20		F-104G			WGAF
37+55 		F-4F			WGAF
40+80 		Alpha Jet		WGAF
61+15		Atlantique		WGN
LX-N90451	E-3A			NAEWF
H-81		Alouette 3		RNLAF
J-135		F-16A			RNLAF
J-211		F-16B			RNLAF
80-0236		A10			USAF
81-0978		A10			USAF
82-0658 	A10			USAF
10937		C-130E			USAF
37899		C-130E			USAF
40525		C-130E			USAF
63624		KC-135			USAF
XT273		Buccaneer S2A
XX889		Buccaneer S2B
XX692 		Bulldog
WJ680/CT	Canberra TT18
ZD982/FI	Chinook HC1
WP805/D		Chipmunk T10
XZ941 		Gazelle
ZB625 		Gazelle
XV755/M		Harrier GR3
XX199		Hawk T1A
XX244		Hawk T1
XX283/Z		Hawk T1A
XX325/X		Hawk T1A
XV189		Hercules C3
XV191		Hercules C1P
LF363 		Hurricane
XZ385/GM	Jaguar GR1A
XW323/44	Jet Provost T5A
XW374/38	Jet Provost T5A
XX496		Jetstream T1
XX499/G		Jetstream T1
PA474 		Lancaster
XW214    	Puma
TF956		Sea Fury		FAA
PM631 		Spitfire
ZA614/E		Tornado GR1		617 Sqn
ZE339/AN	Tornado F3		229 OCU 
ZD949		Tristar K1
ZD953		Tristar
ZE704		Tristar K2
XR806		VC10 C1
XR807		VC10 C1
XV101		VC10 C1
XV102		VC10 C1
XV104		VC10 C1
XV105		VC10 C1
XV106		VC10 C1
XV107		VC10 C1
ZA141/B		VC10 K2
ZA143/D		VC10 K2
ZA144/E		VC10 K2
ZA147/F		VC10 K3
ZA148/G		VC10 K3
ZA149/H		VC10
ZA150/J		VC10 K3
ZD232 		VC10
XM715		Victor K2
ZE601 		Viking
G-ASJV		Spitfire		MH434 
G-AYJP		Piper Cherokee 140
G-AYJR		Piper Cherokee 140 
G-BEDF 		B17 sally b
G-BLKA 		venom
G-BLSC 		Catalina
G-BNRG		Piper Warrior II
G-BZRI		Hunter T8B		XF967 
G-FIRE 		Spitfire
G-SKYE		Cessna TU 206G
G-VTII 		Venom
G-WULF/8	Fw190 replica
NX1337A		F4U Corsair
N1344 		Ryan PT22
N497272 	Ryan PT22

AMS hangar:
XS598 		Andover C1
XT141 		Sioux AH1
XX914 		VC10 			fuselage
XV638 		Wasp HAS1

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