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Thorney Island 1956

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Date: .. September 1956

Made by: Terry Murphy, Air-Britain Digest


XJ727*, XJ729* 		Whirlwind	22 Sqdn
WM706, WM711, WP256 	Vampire NV.10
XA273, XA251, XA259*  	Marathon T.1
WF424, WF414, WF412 	Varsities
WG431, WP966  		Chipmunk
WJ470  			Valetta T.2
SX935  			Lincoln 
WK112 			Canberra B.2
WA882  			Meteor F.8
WN418  			Gannet AS.1	Ford.
RH798  			Brigand T.4
TA720  			Mosquito T.35
LF112			Hurricane
TE407 			Spitfire
VX790  			Avro 707B
XD816  			Valiant B(K)1
WD717  			Meteor NF.11
XD455 			Vampire T.11
XD675*  		Jet Provost
WV608*, WV665  		Provost T.1
NF389  			Swordfish
XH568*  		Canberra B.6
WT330* 			Canberra "B.8"
WN144  			Balliol T.2
WE549  			Auster T.7
G-AOFL  		Hiller UH-12B	A.S.T.
* = also flying

G-ALGT			Spitfire
G-AMAU			Hurricane
WM672, WM713, WM729 	Vampire NF.10
WM668, WP238, WP235 	Vampire NF.10
WF325, WF423, WJ886 	Varsity
WJ902, WF427, WF375 	Varsity
1x   			Hunter		54 Sqdn
No.145  		Olympia sailplane, competition no.28.
WG413  			Chipmunk
WD494  			Hastings
WP210  			Valiant B.1
XA890  			Vulcan
WW207  			Sea Venom NF.21
XK671  			Comet C.2
VZ186  			Vampire FB.5
RN303  			Sunderland MR.5
TX170  			Anson C.19
1x  			Meteor F.8
5x			F-84F
WV164 +3		Sea Hawk
4x			Canberras
G-AJLR  		Consul

Joy Rides:
GYM, JAB, JIS		Autocrat
JSL  			Rapide
KFX  			Gemini

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