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Barton 1992

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Date: 25 May 1992

Made by: Kevin Hall

Updated: 30 April 2001

XX965          Jaguar GR1            	RAF     
XV227          Nimrod MR2               RAF     
XX165          Hawk T1                  RAF     
ZE692          Sea Harrier FA2          RN      
ZA546          Tornado GR1              RAF     
WM167          Meteor NF 11             (G-LOSM)
XS991          Gnat T1                  RAF     
G-RORY 	       Piaggio FWP.149D                       
G-BLAC         Cessna 152                             
G-BEEG         BN-2A-26 Islander                      
G-RODS         Jetranger 	     	Fox FM
G-BPDK         Sorrell SNS-7 Hyperbipe                
G-AWJE         Slingsby T.66 Nipper                   
G-ABWP         Spartan Arrow                          
G-BUEX         Schweizer 269C                         
G-BMUH         ?                                      
G-AYSK         Luton LA-4A Minor 	in Hanger 3
G-ONOW         Jetranger 2                            
G-AZSC         AT-16 Harvard IIB 	Gary Numan (Display)
G-AYWT         AIA Stampe SV-4C 	(Display)

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