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Abingdon 2002

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Date: 5 May 2002

Made by:

Updated: 8 February 2003

ZH118/TD, ZH188/UD	Vigilant T1	612VGS
ZH193/UF, ZH196/UJ	Vigilant T1	612VGS
ZJ135/T			Merlin HC3	28sq
XW211 (or XW221?)	Puma HC1	33sq
G-AMRA			DC-3C		ex XE280
G-ANMO			Tiger Moth I	'K4259/71'
G-ARRX			Auster AOP6	'VF512/PF-M'
G-BCXN			Chipmunk T10	'WP800/2'
G-BKFW			Piston Provost  'XF597'
G-BUDC			Venture T2	nn
G-BXIM			Chipmunk T10	'WK512/A'
G-GGRR	(ex G-CBAM)	Bulldog T1	'XX614/V'

Other civil aircraft:
F-PAGD   		Auster J1 Autocrat       
G-AIZU                  Auster J1 Autocrat       
G-AMTM                  Auster J1 Autocrat       
G-ANFM                  deHaviland Tiger Moth    
G-ASZX                  Beagle Terrier           
G-ATAF                  Cessna F.172             
G-ATCD                  Beagle Husky             
G-AVUG                  Cessna F.150             
G-AXMN                  Auster J5 Autocar        
G-AZLN                  Piper PA28 Cherokee      
G-BAIH                  Piper PA28 Cherokee Arrow
G-BEAH                  Auster J2 Arrow          
G-BEFA                  Piper PA28 Warrior       
G-BEUU                  Piper PA18 Super Cub     
G-BHJN                  Fournier RF.4D           
G-BHZE                  Piper PA28 Archer        
G-BIWW                  Grumman AA5              
G-BJKF                  Socata TB.9 Tampico      
G-BSCW                  Taylorcraft BC-65        
G-BUIJ                  Piper PA28 Warrior       
G-BUJK                  Montgomery -Benson B8    
G-BWMC                  Cessna 182 Skylane       
G-BXXI                  Grob G.109               
G-BYEO                  Zenair Zodiac CH601      
G-CDRU                  CASA Jungmann            
G-CIAO                  Italiane Sky Arrow 650   
G-CPCD                  Jodel DR221 Dauphin      
G-EIII                  Extra 300L               
G-GAWA                  Cessna 140               
G-TIMP                  Aeronca Champion         

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