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Southport 1995

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Date: 2/3 September 1995

Made by: Kevin Hall

Updated: 1 September 1999

542447          Piper  Cub 
G-BCHV          Chipmunk 
XX638           Bulldog T1              (Black c/s) 
XH568           Canberra B6 
XZ942/42        Gazelle                 RN 
XW853/35        Gazelle                 RN 
ZD329/H         Harrier GR7 
P7350           Hurricane               BBMF 
XX116           Jaguar GR1              (Black c/s) 
XX363           Jaguar replica                            on the seafront 
PA474           Lancaster               BBMF 
RR299           Mosquito 
474008          Mustang 
XV255           Nimrod 
XZ579/PW-06     Sea King 
AB910           Spitfire                BBMF 
TD248           Spitfire 
ZE732/AS        Tornado F3 
ZE811/A8        Tornado F3              spare aircraft at flightline RAF Woodvale 
ZF484           Tucano T1 
ZF512           Tucano T1               spare aircraft at flightline RAF Woodvale 
XR505/WA        Wessex 
XS677/WK        Wessex 
C-8             F27                     R.NL.A.F. 
XW865           Gazelle                 Blue Eagles 
XW908           Gazelle                 Blue Eagles 
XZ349           Gazelle                 Blue Eagles 
ZA726           Gazelle                 Blue Eagles 
ZA737           Gazelle                 Blue Eagles 
XZ175           Lynx                    Blue Eagles 

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