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Yeovilton 1967

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Date: 9 September 1967

Made by: John A. Smith


WV256/794-BY      HUNTER FGA11 
XV338             BUCCANEER S2 
XJ350             SEA DEVON C20           781SQ. 
XR660/56          JET PROVOST T4          6FTS 
XG775             SEA VAMPIRE T22         FOFT 
LS326             SWORDFISH 
BD+234            FIAT G91R               WGAF 
VA+120            F-104G                  WGN. 
BD+392            PIAGGIO P149D           WGAF 
40897             F4C PHANTOM             81TFW 
XP957/720         SEA VIXEN FAW2 
XJ513/710         SEA VIXEN FAW2 
XN707/-           SEA VIXEN FAW2 
XJ570/725         SEA VIXEN FAW2 
XJ576/244         SEA VIXEN FAW2 
XJ557/752         SEA VIXEN FAW2 
XJ611/706         SEA VIXEN FAW2 
XJ582/721         SEA VIXEN FAW2 
XN687/701         SEA VIXEN FAW2 
XS583/727         SEA VIXEN FAW2 
XJ492/715         SEA VIXEN FAW2 
XN689/723         SEA VIXEN FAW2 
XG730/730         SEA VENOM FAW22         FRU 
XG701/733         SEA VENOM FAW22         FRU 
XG702/741         SEA VENOM FAW22         FRU 
WM571/742         SEA VENOM FAW22         FRU 
WM573/740         SEA VENOM FAW22         FRU 
WW187/736         SEA VENOM FAW22         FRU 
XG697/732         SEA VENOM FAW22         FRU 
XL584             HUNTER T8               FOFT 
XM706/94          GNAT T1                 CFS 
XL714             TIGER MOTH              STN.FLT. 
WB657/908         CHIPMUNK T10            BRNC 
XM653             VULCAN B2               COTTESMORE WING 
XR140             ARGOSY C1               114SQ. 
XR143             ARGOSY C1               267SQ. 
XV168/231         BUCCANEER S2 
XG185/74          HUNTER F6               4FTS 
XL853/19          WHIRLWIND HAS7          STN.FLT. 
XG883/773         GANNET T5 
XL472/760         GANNET AEW3             849SQ. 
WV257/790         HUNTER FGA11 
WW659/793         HUNTER FGA11 
XE682/786         HUNTER FGA11 
XF301/791         HUNTER FGA11 
XS540/455         WASP HAS1               HMS AURORA 
XS873/520         WESSEX HAS1             700HSQ. 
XP110/568         WESSEX HAS1             700HSQ. 
XS705/40          HILLER 12E              705SQ. 
XV372             SEA KING HAS1           WESTLANDS 

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