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Leuchars 2009

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Date: 12 September 2009

Made by: Scramble


2507 			An-26 		242.tsl 	# 
9820                    JAS39D   
6069                    L-159T1  
43+65 			Tornado IDS 	JGB33 		# 
61+03                   Br1150 SIGINT 	MGF3 		#
J-869                   F-16AM 		322sq        
U-05 			Fokker 50 	334 sq
020 			C295M 		13.eltr
ZK454/N 		Beech B200 	45(R)sq
XS713/C                 Dominie T1 	57(R)sq
XX349/349 		Hawk T1W	19(R)sq
ZJ234/S 		Griffin HT1 	60(R)sq/DHFS
ZD463/53 		Harrier GR9A 	NSFW
XX195/195, XX201/201 	Hawk T1W 	08(R)sq
XX484/CU-566 		Jetstream T2 	750sq
XX486/CU-567            Jetstream T2 	750sq
ZJ990/AA 		Merlin HC3A 	28/78 sq
ZJ267/67                Squirrel HT1 	DHFS   
ZA406/015 		Tornado GR4A 	Qinetic/2sq mks
ZE200/HN 		Tornado F3 	111sq
ZE734/JU, ZE983/HL 	Tornado F3 	111sq 		@
ZG712/122 		Tornado GR4A 	14sq       
ZG713/123               Tornado GR4A 	13sq/2sq mks
ZJ939/DXI               Typhoon FGR4 	XI(F) sq    
ZF317 			Tucano T1 	1 FTS 		#
ZE602/XB 		Viking TX1 	VGS
61-0011/BD 		B-52H 		93rd BS AFRC
63-3547 		KC-135R 	157th ARW NH ANG
84-0014/LN 		F-15C 		493rd FS
84-0024/LN 		F-15C 		"493rd FS"
G-BYVD/VD 		Tutor T1 	Glasgow UAS

Flightline / Flying:
FA116 			F-16AM 		10w   
FA134                   F-16AM          10w 		# 
9240 			JAS39C
J-642 			F-16AM          311sq 
J-008                   F-16AM          313sq 
15 			MiG-29UB 	1.elt
ZK451/K 		Beech B200 	45(R)sq
ZD704 			BAe125 CC3 	32(TR)sq
ZA680                   Chinook HC2 	18/27sq
XV582/N 		Phantom FG1 	111sq/black c/s
PZ865/JX-E 		Hurricane IIc 	BoBMF
PA474/HW-R&B 		Lancaster B1 	BoBMF
XZ234/630 		Lynx HAS3S 	702sq  
XZ732/314               Lynx HMA8SRU 	815sq
WV908/188               S.Hawk FGA6 	RNHF  
XV699/PW-823 		Sea king HU5 	771sq
PM631 			Spitfire PR.XIX BoBMF
ZE788/HV 		Tornado F3 	111sq
ZJ916/QO-U 		Typhoon FGR4 	3 sq
ZJ926/QO-Y              Typhoon FGR4 	3 sq
G-BDRJ 			Chipmunk T10 	ex WP857 
G-BVEZ                  J.Provost T3A 	ex XM479
G-BWDS                  J.Provost T3A 	ex XM424
G-BXDA                  Chipmunk T10 	ex WP860 
G-BYXN/XN 		Tutor T1 	16/115(R)sq
G-LOSM 			Meteor NF11 	ex WM167
G-MXPH/311 		Strikem. Mk84 	Viper Team
G-PRII "XG194/N" 	Hunter PR11 	ex WT167
G-RADR 			AD-4N 		ex 126922          
G-RORI                  Gnat T1 	ex XR538         
G-SOAF                  Strikem. Mk82A 	Viper Team
G-UVNR                  Strikem. Mk87 	Viper Team 
G-VLCN/XH558 		Vulcan B2 	Vulcan to the sky
G-VPER/1130 		Strikem. Mk80A 	Viper Team
# = Special colours

Inside Hangar:
ZH554/QT, ZH557/NT 	Tornado F3 	56(R)sq 
ZE961/FO 		Tornado F3      25sq    
ZE939/HE                Tornado F3      111sq   

XR713/C 		Lightning F3 	111sq HAS site
XV586/AJ 		Phantom FG1 	43sq HAS site
XT864 			Phantom FG1 	main gate
ZE967                   Tornado F3 	main gate 

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