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Waddington 1965

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Date: 18 September 1965

Made by: David Miller


XA910			Vulcan B.1A		Waddington Wing	            
177	61-NV	        Noratlas	        61 ESC.	                
XM969	969	        Lightning T.4	        226 OCU/145 Sqn. 	
WJ992		        Canberra T.4	        RRE Pershore	        
XS110	62	        Gnat T.1	        4 FTS	                
PA474		        Lancaster	        BoBMF	also flying     
WV253		        Hunter T.7	        ETPS	                
XP626	39	        Jet Provost T.4	        1 FTS	                
WK635	D	        Chipmunk T.10	        Nottingham U.A.S.	
WT911		        T.31B Cadet		                    
XN147		        Sedbergh T.21B 		RAFGSA	                    
XN127	WW	        Whirlwind HAR.10	CFS	            
XL189		        Victor B.2		139 Sqn.	            
XD444	64	        Vampire T.11		7 FTS	                    
41464		        F-101A			81 TFW	                            
55	2L-A		Mirage IIIC		2 Escadre de Chasse "Alsace"
K683		        C-47			721 Sqn. RDAF	                    
E3404		        Avro 504		Shuttleworth Trust	    
N5180		        Sopwith Pup		Shuttleworth Trust	    
G-ASJV		        Spitfire		also flying         
GT-982			F-100F			RDAF	ex 86982                    
G-244		        F-100D	                RDAF	ex 42244    
G-766		        F-100D	                RDAF	ex 52766    
G-768		        F-100D	                RDAF	ex 52768    
G-775		        F-100D	                RDAF	ex 52775    
WT534		        Canberra PR.7		17 Sqn.	                    
51	2L-Q		Mirage IIIC		2 Escadre de Chasse "Alsace"
XN972	642/LM	        Buccaneer S.2		736 Sqn.	            
12632	FN-R	        F-104G			R.Nor.A.F.	                    
12232	FN-T	        F-104G		        R.Nor.A.F.            
12629	FN-E	        F-104G		        R.Nor.A.F.            
12630	FN-F	        F-104G		        R.Nor.A.F.            
XE591		        Hunter F.6		229 OCU 	            
XG172		        Hunter F.6		229 OCU             
XG225	8	        Hunter F.6		229 OCU             
XJ676		        Hunter F.6		229 OCU             
XM471		        Jet Provost T.3	        2 FTS	            
XM372	10	        Jet Provost T.3	        2 FTS	            
XM402 		        Jet Provost T.3	        2 FTS	            
XM409 	39	        Jet Provost T.3	        2 FTS	            
XM414 ? 		Jet Provost T.3	        2 FTS	
XM			Jet Provost T.3	        2 FTS	       
WL758	V	        Shackleton MR.2	        38 Sqn.	       
LF363		        Hurricane IIC	        BoBMF	       
WL626	O	        Varsity T.1	        1 ANS	       
WJ910		        Varsity T.1	        1 ANS	       
WJ941		        Varsity T.1	        1 ANS	       
XN775	D	        Lightning F.2	        19 Sqn.	       
XN782	K	        Lightning F.2	        19 Sqn.	       
XN784	L	        Lightning F.2	        19 Sqn.	       
XN791	N	        Lightning F.2	        19 Sqn.	       
		        Lightning F.2	        19 Sqn.	       
XH647		        Victor B.1A		               
XR398		        Comet C.4		216 Sqn.	       
XN854	F	        Argosy C.1	        242 OCU	       
XS185	54	        Jet Provost T.4	        3 FTS	       
XP577	41	        Jet Provost T.4	        3 FTS	       
XP582	46	        Jet Provost T.4	        3 FTS	       
WJ875		        Canberra T.4	        231 OCU	       
XP915		        Comet 3B	        RAE	       
G-ASGC		        VC-10			BOAC	                       
G-ASUH		        Cessna 182		Parachute Drop.
Also on Field:				
VP974			Devon C.1		Northern Communications Sqn.	
WK590		        Chipmunk T.10		                    
XN731		        Lightning F.2		92 Sqn.                     
60033		        F-101C			81 TFW                              
XL929		        Pembroke C.1		Southern Communications Sqn.
WV743		        Pembroke C.1	                            
WF375	U	        Varsity T.1		5 FTS                       
Vulcan B.1:			
XA906	XA911	XA912	XA913	XH475	XH478
XH481	XH482   XH483   XH484	XH491	XH497
XH498	XH500   XH501   XH502	XH503	XH504
XH505	XH532		                                
Pleasure Flights:			
G-AKWS			Auster 5	
G-AMSZ			Auster 5	

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