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Church Fenton 1988

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Date: 12 June 1988

Made by: Tony Lowther


Buccaneer S.2B            XX894/894                    208 Sqn 
Hawk T.1A                 XX348/348                    1TWU/234 Sqn 
Hawk T.1                  XX185/185, XX240/240         4 FTS 
Jet Provost T.5A          XW303/127                    7FTS 
Jet Provost T.5A          XW323/44, XW374/38           RAFC 
Jaguar GR.1A              XZ114/B                      41 Sqn 
Canberra TT.18            WJ715/CV                     100 Sqn 
Tornado F.3               ZE200/AS                     229 OCU/65 Sqn 
Hercules C.1P             XV186/186                    LTW 
Jetstream T.1             XX500/H                      6 FTS 
Chinook HC.1              ZA711/ET                     7 Sqn 
Gazelle HT.3              XZ941/B                      2 FTS 
Vulcan B.2                XH558                        VDF 
Sea Harrier FRS.1         XZ440/123, XZ460/122         800 Sqn 
Jetstream T.2             XX489/575-CU                 750 Sqn 
Heron C.4                 XM296                        FONAC 
Seaking HAS.5             XV655/272                    824 Sqn 
Gazelle HT.2              XZ941/CU-54, XW864/CU-57     705 Sqn 
Lynx HAS.3                XZ252/644-PO                 702 Sqn 
Beaver AL.1               XP820                        BTF 
CM.170                    MT-46                        33 Sml/ Belgian AF 
F-16A                     FA-65, FA-83                 2 Sml/ Belgian AF 
F-16A                     E-177                        Esk 730/ RDAF 
F-16B                     ET-206                       Esk 730/ RDAF 
CF-18A                    188742, 188758               1 CAD/ CAF 
A-10A                     80159/WR, 80272/WR           92 TFS/ USAFE 
P-3C                      300                          320 Sqn, MLD 

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