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Barton 1986

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Date: 4 May 1986

Made by: Kevin Hall, Nigel Howarth

Updated: 8 February 2003

80-0614/HR          F-16A                 USAF 50TFW 
80-0183/WR          A-10A                 USAF 81TFW 
80-0216/WR          A-10A                 USAF 81TFW 
71-0890/LN          F-111F                USAF 48TFW 
70-2412/LN          F-111F                USAF 48TFW 
133722              F4U Corsair 
23+17               F-104 Starfighter     WG NAVY 
26+63               F-104 Starfighter     WG NAVY 
WG655               Sea Fury T20S         RNHF 
XS597               Andover C1            32 SQN 
425/17 (G-BEFR)     Fokker Triplane 
RG333               Miles Messenger 

WD318/PAX           Chipmunk T10 
XM191               Lightning F1A         NOSE  EP+TU 
XE643/8586M         Hunter FGA 9          NOSE  EP+TU 
XP359/8447M         Whirlwind HAR 10      RAFEF) 

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