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Plymouth 1997

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Date: 25 August 1997

Made by: Kevin Hall


LS326 		Swordfish  		RNHF
ZD611 		Sea Harrier F/A2 	800 SQN
ZA296/VO 	Sea King HC4 		846 SQN
XZ614		Lynx AH7 		RM 847 SQN
XZ245/306	Lynx HAS3S 		815 SQN
XX412 		Gazelle AH1  		RM 847 SQN
ZG819/270 	Sea King HAS6 		814 SQN
XV714/N187 	Sea King AEW2 		849 SQN
ZA134/824 	Sea King HU5 		771  SQN

On board RFA Argus (A135):
XX450/D 	Gazelle AH1  		RM 847 SQN
XV625/471 	Wasp HAS 1  		HMS Sultan

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