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Bentwaters 1968

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Date: 25 May 1968

Made by: J. Price-Stevens, Martin Till


0-22730            C-97K             7101A.B.W. 
0-20949            C-124C            436M.A.W. 
40516              C-130E            64T.A.W. 
0-62970            F-100D            79T.F.S.   20T.F.W. 
0-62997            F-100D            79T.F.S.   20T.F.W. 
0-60055            RF-101C           17T.R.S.   66T.R.W. 
0-61170            F-102A            526F.I.S. 
41060              RF-4C             10T.R.W. "SUGAR POPS PETE" 
91564              HH-43B            BASE RESCUE FLT. 
24521              HH-43B            WOODBRIDGE RESCUE  FLT. 

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