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Bruntingthorpe 1995

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Date: 16 July 1995

Made by: Kevin Hall


ZF406              Tucano T1                 1FTS 
ZF484              Tucano T1                 1FTS 
ZA560              Tornado GR1               TTTE 
ZA361/B57          Tornado GR1               TTTE 
XV187              Hercules C1               LTW 
XV252              Nimrod MR2 
XZ598              Sea King HAR3 
XV722/WH           Wessex HC2                2FTS 
XS677/WK           Wessex HC2                2FTS 
ZD278              Lynx AH7                  671SQN 
ZD254              Lynx HAS3s                815SQN 
XX231              Hawk T1                   4FTS 
TW591              Auster 6A                 G-ARIH 
XP254              Auster AOP 11             G-ASCC 
J-4091             Hunter F58 
C-8                F27-300M                  334SQN 
ZA726              Gazelle AH1 
ZD670              Harrier GR3 
ZD668              Harrier GR3 
XX900              Buccaneers S2B 
XX894              Buccaneers S2B 
XV163              Buccaneers S2B 
WP977/G-BHRD       Chipmunk T10 
WT333/G-BVXC       Canberra B6               Mod 
WK163/G-BVWC       Canberra B6               Mod 
XK149/8714M        Hunter F6A 
XP540/8608M        Gnat T1 
XS904              Lightning F6 
XS932              Lightning F6 
XV328              Lightning T5 
XR728              Lightning F6 
XH136/8782M        Canberra PR9 
XM715              Victor K2 
XH558/G-VLCN       Vulcan B2 
XV738/9074M        Harrier GR3 
XZ967/9077M        Harrier  GR3 
WT536/8063M        Canberra PR7 
XL603              Hunter T8M 
XH568/G-BVIC       Canberra B6               Mod 
WZ507/G-VTII       Vampire T11 
VZ304              Vampire 
WR410              Venom 
XN637              Jet Provost T3 
XF844              P56 Provost T1 
G-FUGA             CM170R Magister 
UR-67199           Let 410 
WV740/G-BNPH       P66 Pembroke C1 
XD875              Valiant B(K)1             Nose only 
G-BPVE             Boeing 747-128            ex Air France 
ML407/G-LFIX       Spifire T9 
XF324              Hunter F51                Ex RDAF E-427 

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