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Mildenhall 1992

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Date: 23 May 1992

Made by: Tony Lowther, Clive Wells


North (Static Display) side:
82-0655/WR        A-10A               81 TFW
60-0024           B-52H               668 BS
87-0019           KC-10A              22 ARW
84-0162           C-12F               58 MAS
84-0085           C-21A               58 MAS
64-0504           C-130E              317 MAW
64-0555           MC-130E             7 SOS
59-1520           KC-135Q             9 WG
62-4132           RC-135W             55 WG
69-7212/SP        F-4G                81 FS
84-0027/BT        F-15C               53 FS
90-0248/LN        F-15E               492 FS
86-0315/RS        F-16C               526 FS
72-1448/LN        F-111F              494 FS
85-0830/TR        F-117A              37 FW
69-6606           UH-1N               58 MAS
80-1074           U-2R                9 WG
162172/JM-26      C-2A                VR-24
163837/8G         UC-12M              NAF Mildenhall
161435/AA-106     F-14B               VF-74 (USS Saratoga)
163477/AA-403     FA-18C              VFA-81 (USS Saratoga)
158926/LN-1       P-3C                VP-45
159361/31         CT-39G              VR-24
ZA711/ET          Chinook HC.1        7 Sqn
ZD668/3E          Harrier GR.3        233 OCU
XX312             Hawk T.1A           100 Sqn
XX227             Hawk T.1A           Red Arrows
XX237             Hawk T.1            Red Arrows
XX252             Hawk T.1A           Red Arrows
XX253             Hawk T.1A           Red Arrows
XX260             Hawk T.1A           Red Arrows
XX264             Hawk T.1A           Red Arrows
XX266             Hawk T.1A           Red Arrows
XX294             Hawk T.1            Red Arrows
XX306             Hawk T.1A           Red Arrows
XX308             Hawk T.1            Red Arrows
XV292             Hercules C.1P       LTW
XV226             Nimrod MR.2P        42(TB)Sqn
XV393/Q           Phantom FGR.2       74 Sqn (also wearing 56 Sqn Mks)
XV497/W           Phantom FGR.2       74 Sqn
XT914/Z           Phantom FGR.2       74 Sqn (also wearing 56 Sqn Mks)
ZH103/03          Sentry AEW.1        8 Sqn
ZG731/CG          Tornado F.3         5 Sqn
ZA367/GX          Tornado GR.1        20 Sqn
ZA398/S           Tornado GR.1A       2 Sqn
XH558             Vulcan B.2          VDF
ZD472/01          Harrier GR.7 	      (Replica - RAF exibition flt) 
XX718/GA          Jaguar GR.1	      (Replica - RAF exibition flt) 
XN962             Buccaneer S.1       (Nose only - RAF exibition flt)  
XX479/CU-563      Jetstream T.2       750 Sqn
ZE692/713         Sea Harrier FRS.1   899 Sqn  
ZA175/717         Sea Harrier FRS.1   899 Sqn  
AT-06             Alphajet            9 WG
BA-42             Mirage 5BA          42 Sml
BR-17             Mirage 5BR          42 Sml
MT-30             CM-170              33 Sml
MT-34             CM-170              33 Sml
M3/OT-ZPC         Alouette III        Belgian Navy
188709            CF-18A              439 Sqn
E-599             F-16A               Esk 730
S-134             Lynx Mk.80          Esk 722
T-427             T-17A               FLSK
E.156/1/F-TERG    Alphajet            Patrouille de France
E.36/2/F-TERC     Alphajet            Patrouille de France
E.170/3/F-TERM    Alphajet            Patrouille de France
E.125/4/F-TERH    Alphajet            Patrouille de France
E.49/5/F-TERI     Alphajet            Patrouille de France
E.92/6/F-TERE     Alphajet            Patrouille de France
E.126/7/F-TERA    Alphajet            Patrouille de France
E.103/8/F-TERO    Alphajet            Patrouille de France
E.132/9/F-TERN    Alphajet            Patrouille de France
E.155/0/F-TERF    Alphajet            Patrouille de France
F.158/61-ZX       C-160F              ET-61
E.39/7-PH         Jaguar E            EC.2/7
509/2-FF          Mirage 2000B        EC.2/2
516/2-FH          Mirage 2000B        EC.2/2
60                Alize               4 F
49                Atlantic            21 F
118               Etendard IVP        16 F
40+75             Alphajet            JBG-43
37+12             F-4F                JBG-35
16+28             HFB.320 Hansa ECM   JBG-32
45+09             Tornado IDS         JBG-33
61+05             Atlantic            MFG-3
83+09             Lynx Mk.88          MFG-3
45+46             Tornado IDS         MFG-2
46+10             Tornado IDS         MFG-1
A-464             Alouette III        298 Sqn
J-213             F-16A               322 Sqn
J-220             F-16A               322 Sqn
J-642             F-16A               306 Sqn
151371/VF-S       P-51D		      NL1051S
473877/B6-S       P-51D		      N167F
42-17786/177      PT-17		      G-BTRK
41-15510/855      PT-22		      N56421
41-20854/854      PT-22		      N1344
43-437/23         PT-23		      G-BTBH
379		  BT-13		      N68979
390		  PT-13D	      G-BTRJ
1164              Beech 18	      G-BKGL
MH434             Spitfire IX	      G-ASJV
124485/DF-A       B-17G
226671/MX-X       P-47D        
South (FAR) Side of Airfield:
82-0646/WR        A-10A               81 TFW
61-0024           B-52H               410 WG
86-0037/SJ        KC-10A              4 WG
57-0524           C-130A              BDRT
63-7871           C-130E              317 AW
64-0496           C-130E              317 AW
64-0517           C-130E              317 AW
57-2597           KC-135R             19 ARW
60-0353           KC-135R             28 WG
69-0278/SP        F-4G                81 FS
84-0003/BT        F-15C               53 FS
85-1511/RS        F-16D               526 FS
ZD329/M           Harrier GR.5        233 OCU
ZD434/H           Harrier GR.7        233 OCU
ZE982/DM          Tornado F.3         11 Sqn
ZE161/FG          Tornado F.3         25 Sqn
XX488/CU-571      Jetstream T.2       750 Sqn
ZD252/302         Lynx HAS.3S         815 Sqn
ZG817/CU-504      Seaking HAS.6       810 Sqn
XV714/N-180       Seaking AEW.2A      849 Sqn
XX441/CU-38       Gazelle HT.2        705 Sqn    Sharks           
XW884/CU-41       Gazelle HT.2        705 Sqn    Sharks            
XW907/CU-48       Gazelle HT.2        705 Sqn    Sharks            
XW864/CU-54       Gazelle HT.2        705 Sqn    Sharks            
ZB647/CU-59       Gazelle HT.2        705 Sqn    Sharks   
FA-87             F-16A               n/mks
FA-92             F-16A               31 Sml
ET-612            F-16B               Esk 730
T-428             T-17A               FLSK
103/315-XT        Epsilon             GE-315
A.54/7-HB         Jaguar A            EC.1/7
37+21             F-4F                JBG-35
A-324             Alouette III        Grasshoppers        
A-350             Alouette III        Grasshoppers                                                                  
A-390             Alouette III        Grasshoppers                                                                  
A-398             Alouette III        Grasshoppers                                                                  
A-465             Alouette III        Grasshoppers                                                                  
B-71              BO-05CB             299 Sqn       
87-0029           C-5B                436 AW                                                  
66-0173           C-141B              438 AW
58-0100           KC-135R             100 ARW

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