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Biggin Hill 1995 (2)

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Date: 17 September 1995

Made by: Kevin Hall, Nigel Burch

Updated: 22 September 1999

XX451/CU-58        Gazelle HT2 
XV210/210          Hercules C1              LTW 
XV292/292          Hercules C1 
XX116              Jaguar GR1A              16(R)SQN 
PA474/WS-J         Lancaster BI 
PS915/P            Spitfire PRXIX 
LS326/L2           Swordfish II 
ZE732/AS           Tornado F3 
ZE811/A8           Tornado F3 
AT03               Alpha Jet                9WG 
AT09               Alpha Jet                9WG 
CF01               Merlin IIIA              BAF 
FA115              F-16A Fightning Falcon   BAF 
C-8                F27-300M                 334SQN 
283                LYNX                     MLD 860SQN 
L-07               PC-7                     EMVO 
L-09               PC-7                     EMVO 
0702               Mi-24V Hind              CZECH AIR FORCE 
6050               Mi-24DU Hind             CZECH AIR FORCE 

WM167/G-LOSM       Meteor NF11 
TW641/G-ATDN       Beagle A61 Terrier 2 
PH-DDA             DC-3 Dakote              DUTCH DAKOTA ASSOCIATION 
D-FEHD/2+-         Messerschmitt Bf109G-10 
D-IMMF             King Air 300LW 
F-GJCD             King Air 300 
F-GJXX             Ce560 Citation V 
G-AGLK             Auster 5D 
G-AMPZ             C-47B Dakota IV 
G-AMTA             Auster J/5F Aiglet Trainer 
G-AOTD/WB588/D     DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 
G-ASAK             A61 Terrier 2 
G-ASJV/MH434/ZD-B  Spitfire FIXb 
G-ASWX             PA-28-180 
G-ATRC             Travel Air B95A 
G-AVNP             PA-28-180 
G-AWII/AR501/NN-A  Spitfire Vc 
G-AXNX             Ce182M 
G-AYAV             PA-28-180E 
G-AZFM             PA-28R-200B 
G-AZYZ             WA51A Pacific 
G-BACB             PA-34-200 
G-BAEB             DR400/160 
G-BAPM             FA200-160 
G-BBIV             Hu269C 
G-BBLU             PA-34-200 
G-BCCD             CeF172M 
G-BCRL             PA-28-151 
G-BCYM             DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 
G-BEDF/124485/DF-A B-17G Flying Fortress 
G-BERA             Rallye 150ST 
G-BEUP             DR400/180 
G-BEYZ             DR1051/M1 
G-BEZL             PA-31-310C 
G-BFYC             PA-32RT-300 
G-BFZU             CeFA152 
G-BGFI             AA-5A 
G-BGSX             CeF152 
G-BGTJ             PA-28-180 
G-BHCT             PA-23-250F 
G-BHER             TB-10 
G-BHIT             TB-9 
G-BIAK             TB-10 
G-BICG             CeF152 
G-BIIB             CeF172M 
G-BITW             Short 330 
G-BJZT             CeFA152 
G-BKCR             TB-9 
G-BKRA/51-15227/10 T-6G Texan 
G-BKVB             Rallye 110ST 
G-BKVC             TB-9 
G-BLCK/TE566/WO-P  Spitfire LFIXe 
G-BLYD             TB-20 
G-BLZH             CeF152 
G-BMGG             Ce152 
G-BMZE             TB-9 
G-BNAJ             Ce152 
G-BNDS             PA-31-350 
G-BNPH/WV740       Pembroke C1 
G-BOAI             Ce152 
G-BOBK             PA-38-112 
G-BOII             Ce172N 
G-BOLV             Ce152 
G-BONR             Ce172N 
G-BPDN             PA-28R-201 
G-BPGX             TB-9 
G-BPIV/Z5722/WM-Z  Bolingbroke IVT 
G-BPNG             B206B 
G-BPON             PA-34-200T 
G-BRIV             TB-9 
G-BRIW             Hu269C 
G-BRRM             PA-28-161 
G-BSVM             PA-28-161 
G-BTTR             Pitts S-2A 
G-BTWX             TB-9 
G-BUOJ             Ce172N 
G-BUWE/C9553/M     SE-5A Replica 
G-BVGH/XL573       Hunter T7 
G-BVGZ/450/17      Fokker Dr1 Replica 
G-BXPS             PA-23-250C 
G-CHTA             AA-5A 
G-CPFC             CeF152 
G-DYNE             Ce414 
G-FARM             Rallye 235GT 
G-GOLF             TB-10 
G-HAMI             FA200-180 
G-HCTL             PA-31-350 
G-IABC             Tri Kis 
G-IFLI             AA-5A 
G-JUDY             AA-5A 
G-KKDL             TB-20 
G-KKES             TB-20 
G-LARE             PA-39-160C/R 
G-LFIX/ML407/WO-T  Spitfire T9 
G-LIMA             RC114 
G-LOTI             Bleriot XI Replica 
G-MKXI/PL965/WO-F  Spitfire PRXI 
G-MLFF             PA-23-250E 
G-MOUR/XR991       Gnat T1 
G-MRSL             DR400/180 
G-OALD             TB-20 
G-OWOW             Ce152 
G-PROP             AA-5A 
G-SEVA/F141/G      SE-5A Replica 
G-TRIX/PV202/VZ-M  Spitfire T9 
G-ZIGI             DR400/180 
HB-LKY             Ce421C 
LY-AOX             Yak-52 
N40D               Starduster Too 
N51RR/474008/VF-R  P-51D Mustang 
N73BS              PA-34-220T 
N700S              TB-20 
N3036A             PA-34-200T 
OO-CAS             CeP337H 
OO-FMC             CeF172H 
PH-AEA             RC114B 
SE-DLB             Falcon 10 
SX-CBN             BN-2A-111 
VR-CLL             Ce421C 
VR-CPT             125-1000 

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