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Middle Wallop 1969

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Date: 26 July 1969

Made by:


XP966		Alouette AH2
XR376		Alouette AH2
XR385		Alouette AH2
WZ670 		Auster AOP9		Gate Guard
XK418/7976M	Auster AOP9		Apprentice School
XN443/7877M	Auster AOP9		Apprentice School
XR241 		Auster AOP9		ARWF
XR244 		Auster AOP9		ARWF
XP771		Beaver AL1		AFWF
XP772		Beaver AL1		132 Flight
XP773		Beaver AL1		AFWF
XP807		Beaver AL1		132 Flight
XP809		Beaver AL1		131Flight
XP812/7735M	Beaver AL1		Apprentice School (wings from XP815)
XP819		Beaver AL1		15 Flight
XP820		Beaver AL1		132 Flight
XP822		Beaver AL1		HQ Army Aviation, BAOR
XP825		Beaver AL1		132 Flight
XV268		Beaver AL1		132 Flight
XV270		Beaver AL1		AFWF
XV272		Beaver AL1		AFWF
WB565/X		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WB615/E		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WB647/R		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WB693/S		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WB754/H		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WD325/N		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WG323/F		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WG432/L		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WK512/O		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WK515/G		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WK559/M		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WK613/P		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WK620/T		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WP772/Q		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WP925/C		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WP928/D		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WP930/J		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WP964/5		Chipmunk T10		IFWF (camouflaged)
WP972/A		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WP983/B		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WP984/-		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WZ882/K		Chipmunk T10		IFWF
WB535		Devon C1		21Sqdn
XM797		EP9			Shuttleworth
XK776		ML Utility		AAC Museum
XP192		Scout AH1		AAC Centre
XP852		Scout AH1		ADU
XP853		Scout AH1		ARWF
XP855		Scout AH1		ARWF
XP856		Scout AH1		AAC Centre
XP857		Scout AH1		ARWF
XP884		Scout AH1		ARWF
XP890		Scout AH1		ARWF
XP897		Scout AH1		6 Flight
XP908		Scout AH1		
XP909		Scout AH1		
XR595		Scout AH1		10 Flight
XR600		Scout AH1		ARWF
XR603		Scout AH1		
XR628/B		Scout AH1		8 Flight
XR629/C		Scout AH1		8 Flight
XR631		Scout AH1		4 Flight
XR636		Scout AH1		21Flight
XR637		Scout AH1		ADU
XR639		Scout AH1		6 Flight
XT616		Scout AH1		21 Flight
XT617		Scout AH1		19 Flight
XT618		Scout AH1		21 Flight
XT635		Scout AH1		
XT638		Scout AH1		6 Flight
XT645		Scout AH1		21 Flight
XV118		Scout AH1		19 Flight
XV126		Scout AH1		ADU
XV130		Scout AH1		19 Flight
XV131		Scout AH1		ADU
XW281		Scout AH1		
XT108/U		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT121		Sioux AH1		
XT124/V		Sioux AH1		3RTR
XT130/A		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT131/B		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT134		Sioux AH1		ADU
XT135/C		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT137/D		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT139/E		Sioux AH1		ARWF 
XT140		Sioux AH1		Apprentice School
XT141		Sioux AH1		Apprentice School
XT142		Sioux AH1		ADU
XT143/F		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT145/G		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT149/H		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT151/I		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT152/J		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT154/K		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT156		Sioux AH1		
XT177		Sioux AH1		
XT186/L		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT192/M		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT193/N		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT197		Sioux AH1		ADU
XT206		Sioux AH1		ADU
XT211/P		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT213/Q		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT225/R		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT231/U		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT234/M		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT238/X		Sioux AH1		3RTR
XT242/S		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT243/T		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT249 Z		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT250		Sioux AH1		
XT498		Sioux AH1		ADU
XT499		Sioux AH1		40 Light Regiment
XT509/Y		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT511 		Sioux AH1		15/19 Kings Hussars
XT544 		Sioux AH1		15/19 Kings Gussars
XT552		Sioux AH1		
XT557 		Sioux AH1		Welsh Guards
XT562 		Sioux AH1		21 Flight
XT801/V		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT806/W		Sioux AH1		ARWF
XT816		Sioux AH1		49 Field Regiment
XW191		Sioux AH1		ADU
XW192		Sioux AH1		ADU
XV314/M		Sioux HT		CFS
XV318/V		Sioux HT		2CFS
XL762/8017M	Skeeter AOP12		Apprentice School
XL814		Skeeter AOP12		
XM553		Skeeter AOP12		(really G-AWSV)
XM565/7861M	Skeeter AOP12		Outside CO's house
XN344/8018M	Skeeter AOP12		Apprentice School
XR498/M		Wessex HC2		72Sqdn
XR521/C		Wessex HC2		72Sqdn
XR523/E		Wessex HC2		72Sqdn
XT605/D		Wessex HC2		72Sqdn
XP302/N		Whirlwind HAR10		230Sqdn
AJN/F-BNRN 	Nord 3202 		ALAT
AJO/F-BNRO 	Nord 3202 		ALAT
AJP/F-BNRP 	Nord 3202 		ALAT
268 		MH1521M 		ALAT "BCA"
72+00 		UH-1D 			HEER
62-3873 	U-8D 			US Army

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