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Waddington 2007

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Date: 30 June

Made by: Scramble, Kevin Hall, Peter Hambelton, Mark Rourke, Dave Stock, David Moore, Derek Boland, Steve Lowe, Simon Lydiate


45+25, 46+14 		Tornado IDS 		AG51
RK3452 			IL-78MKI 		78sq/IndiaAF
SB043 			Su-30MKI 		30sq/IndiaAF
SB107 			Su-30MKI-3 		30sq/IndiaAF
LX-N20000 		CT-49A 			NAEW&CF
LX-N90442 		E-3A 			NAEW&CF
Q-24 			AH-64D 			301sq
U-05 			Fokker 50 		334sq
J-868, J-876 		F-16AM 			322sq
688 			F-16AM 			FLO
689 			F-16BM 			FLO
78-0701/SP 		OA-10A 			81st FS
81-0951/SP 		A-10A 			81st FS
01-2001/LN 		F-15E 			494th FS "48OG"
ZK452/L 		Beech B200 		45(R)sq
ZA705/AN 		Chinook HC2 		18sq
WK518/K 		Chipmunk T10 		BoBMF
XS727/D 		Dominie T1 		55(R)sq
XX411 			Gazelle AH1 		pres, SYAM
ZB684 			Gazelle AH1 		i/a Air Mov. School
ZB686 			Gazelle AH1 		i/a, cabin only
ZJ708/K 		Griffin HT1 		60(R)sq
XW924 			Harrier GR3 		pres
ZG508 			Harrier GR9A 		41(R)sq
ZG859/91 		Harrier GR9 		1sq
XX178/178 		Hawk T1W 		19(R)sq
XX345/345 		Hawk T1A 		208(R)sq
XX351/CQ 		Hawk T1A 		100sq
ZH885/885 		Hercules C5 		LTW
XZ117/ES 		Jaguar GR3A 		QinetiQ 6sq mks
XX484/CU-566	 	Jetstream T2 		750sq
XZ721/306 		Lynx HAS3SGM		815sq/HQ Flt
ZJ137/W 		Merlin HC3 		28sq
XV246/46 		Nimrod MR2 		51sq
XV497 			PhantomFGR2 		pres
XW235 			Puma HC1 		230sq
XT626/Q 		Scout AH1 		AACHF
XV656/185 		Sea K. ASaC7 		849sq
XZ580/ZB 		Sea King HC6 		846sq
ZH101/01, ZH106/06 	Sentry AEW1 		8/23/54(R)sq hang.
ZH102/02, ZH103/03 	Sentry AEW1 		8/23/54(R)sq
ZE158/FF, ZE168/FA 	Tornado F3 		25sq
ZE254/FD, ZE728/FZ 	Tornado F3 		25sq
ZE734/JU 		Tornado F3 		111sq spec mks
ZE838/GH 		Tornado F3 		43sq
ZE887/FX, ZE982/FR 	Tornado F3 		25sq
ZG731 			Tornado F3 		41(R)sq
ZG780/XXV 		Tornado F3 		25sq spec mks
ZA564 			Tornado GR4 		31sq spec mks
ZA609 			Tornado GR4 		41(R)sq
ZD748 			Tornado GR4 		2sq spec mks
ZF243/243 		Tucano T1 		1FTS
ZJ811/AZ 		Typhoon T1 		17(R)sq
ZJ916/QO-U 		Typhoon F2 		3sq
XM602 			Vulcan B2 		nose only hangar 3
XM607 			Vulcan B2 		pres
XS481 			Wessex HU5 		pres, SYAM
G-BWXN, G-BWXU 		T-67M-260 		JEFTS
G-BYUC, G-BYXN 		Tutor T1 		CFS
XP902 			Scout AH1 		nose only hangar 3
VP293 			Shackleton T4 		nose only hangar 3
G-AHUF 			Tiger Moth II 		ex T7997        
G-AJXV                  Auster AOP4 		ex NJ695          
G-AOIY                  Auster 			nn                     
G-ASYG                  Terrier 2 		ex VX927            
G-BDFH                  Auster AOP9 		ex XR240          
G-BEPV                  S11-1 			ex Netherlands 174/K    
G-BKGM                  Beech 3NM 		as "HB275"          
G-BLPG                  Auster J1N 		as CAF "16693"     
G-BMSB                  Spitfire TR9 		ex MJ627         
G-BUHA                  Venture T3 		ex ZA634           
G-BVEZ                  JetProvost T3A 		ex XM479       
G-BVWC                  Canberra B2 		ex WK163          
G-BWUV                  Chipmunk T10 		ex WK640         
G-BXKW                  T-67M 			ex HKG-13               
G-BYHL                  Chipmunk T10 		ex WG308         
G-BZDI                  L-39C                         
G-BZNW                  Isaacs Fury II 		ex K2048       
G-ETPS                  Hunter FGA9 		ex XE601          
G-FRAT                  Falcon 20C 		FR Aviation        
G-LNAA                  MD900 			L+N Air Ambulance       
G-SOAF                  Strikemstr 82A 		ex Oman 425    
G-TYAK                  Yak-52                        
G-UVNR                  Strikemstr 87 		ex Botswana OJ10
G-VETA                  Hunter T7 		ex XL600            
LY-BIG                  An-2T 			Air Unique              

K2663 			IL-76MD 		44sq
RK3451 			IL-78MKI 		78sq
SB041, SB042, SB044 	Su-30MKI 		30sq/IndiaAF
SB103 			Su-30MKI-3 		30sq/IndiaAF
ZA680 			Chinook HC2 		18/27sq
ZA726/F1 		Gazelle AH1 		671sq
XX205 			Hawk T1A 		208(R)sq spec mks
XX248/CJ 		Hawk T1A 		100sq
XX285 			Hawk T1A 		100sq spec mks
XX307 			Hawk T1 		208(R)sq spec mks
XV221/221 		Hercules C3 		LTW
ZH881 			Hercules C5 		LTW
XZ647/Z 		Lynx AH7 		671sq
ZF562/670 		Lynx HMA8 		702sq (Black Cats)
XZ254/631 		Lynx HAS3S 		702sq (Black Cats)
XW665 			Nimrod R1 		51sq
XW226 			Puma HC1 		33sq
ZJ690 			Sentinel R1 		5sq
ZH104/04, ZH105/05 	Sentry AEW1 		8/23/54(R)sq
ZH107/07 		Sentry AEW1 		8/23/54(R)sq
ZJ277/77, ZJ278/78 	Squirrel HT1		DHFS
ZA401XIII, ZE116/116 	Tornado GR4A 		13sq
ZD792/100 		Tornado GR4 		13sq
ZE161/GB 		Tornado F3 		43sq
ZE200/DB 		Tornado F3 		111sq
ZJ801/BJ 		Typhoon T1 		29(R)sq
ZJ920/BX 		Typhoon F2 		29(R)sq
ZF295/295 		Tucano T1 		1FTS spec mks
ZF347/347 		Tucano T1 		1FTS
G-AMPY 			C-47B 			ex KK116
G-APRS 			Twin Pioneer 3 		ex XT610
G-HHAC 			Hunter F58 		ex Swiss J-4021
G-IIDI, G-IIZI, G-IIEX 	Extra 300L
G-IIIS, G-IIIZ 		Su-26M 			Red Bull
G-OFFO, G-ZEXL 		Extra 300 		The Blades
G-ZXCL, G-ZXEL 		Extra 300 		The Blades

ZA683 			Chinook HC2 		18/27sq
ZE438/76 		Jetstream T3 		750sq

Flying only:
ZJ518/18 		Nimrod MRA4 		BAe Warton
G-FRAS, G-FRBA 		Falcon 20 		FR Aviation
Plus the Red Arrows that were operating from another airfield.

Helicopter pleasure flights:
G-LIMO 			Bell 206L-1
G-RAMY 			Bell 206B
The annual RAF air show at Waddington was expected to be a
highlight in this year’s airshow season, due to the presence of
six Indian Flankers on the base. However, things turned out
different. The weather had been awful in the weeks before the
show, submerging large parts of the United Kingdom and
making no exception for the surroundings of Waddington. On
Saturday the show went on, although the weather really spoilt
the air display. The Red Arrows had to knock-off after ten
minutes of display, and the RAF role demo was also cancelled,
leaving two Tornado GR4s only the opportunity to do some
passes. The pyrotechnics on the ground did put off a bit of a
show though. Due to heavy rain Saturday night, the base and
its surroundings became a big pool of mud, which left the air
show organisation no other choice than to cancel the show
early around eight o’clock in the morning. The people who
went on Saturday were treated with two Indian Flankers in the
static display, as well as three in the flying program.

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