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Abingdon 1989

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Date: 16 September 1989

Made by: John Tolland


K5414 (G-AENP)      Hawker Hind 
L8032 (G-AMRK)      Gloster Gladiator 
N6965 (G-AJTW)      DH 82A Tiger Moth 
DF128 ((G-AOJJ)     DH 82A Tiger Moth 
RG333 (G-AIEK)      Miles Messenger 
XF597 (G-BKFW)      Provost T.1 
XJ763 (G-BKHA)      Westland Whirlwind HAR 10 
178 (G-BKOS)        Provost T.51                Irish Air Corps c/s 
1164 (G-BKGL)       Beech 18 
2807 (G-BHTH)       AT-6 Texan 
133722 (NX1377A)    Corsair 

WJ630/ED            EE Canberra T.17            360 Sqn 
WL419               Gloster Meteor T.7          Martin Baker 
WP805/D             DHC Chipmunk T.10           6 AEF 
WR965/65            Avro Shackleton AEW2        8 Sqn 
XE601               Hawker Hunter FGA9          A&AEE 
XH568               EE Canberra B6 (Mod)        RAE 
XL573/573           Hawker Hunter T.7           12 Sqn 
XS730/H             HS 125 Dominie T.1          6 FTS 
XV168/168           BAe Buccaneer S2B           n/m 
XV248/48            BAe Nimrod MR2P             Kinloss Wing 
XV492/W             McD Phantom FGR2            92 Sqn 
XW418/126           Jet Provost T.5A            7 FTS 
XX165/165           BAe Hawk T.1                4 FTS 
XX492/A             SA Jetstream T.1            6 FTS 
XX553/07            SA Bulldog T.1              London UAS 
XX754/GR            BAC Jaguar GR1A             54 Sqn 
ZA150/J             Vickers VC10 K3             101 Sqn 
ZA327/B-51          BAe Tornado GR1             TTTE 
ZD347/04            BAe Harrier GR5             1 Sqn 
ZE755/CG            BAe Tornado F3              5 Sqn 
ZF201/201           Shorts Tucano T.1           n/m 
MT-3                Fouga Magister              9W 
E-004               F-16A                       726 Esk 
ET-199              F-16B                       726 Esk 
A-514               Alouette III                298 Sqn 
J-146               F-16A                       313 Sqn 
K-3017              NF-5A                       316 Sqn 
62-1864             C-130E                      133TAW 
69-15605            UH-1H                       HQUSEUCOM 
79-0219/AR          A-10A                       511TFS/10TFW 
80-0156/AR          A-10A                       511TFS/10TFW 

Hangar Display 
MK356               Spitfire Mk IX              BoBMF  on Rebuild 
XV333               BAe Buccaneer S2B           208 Sqn 
XW527               BAe Buccaneer S2B           12 Sqn 
ZD326               BAe Harrier GR5             233 OCU 

Hawk Servicing Hangar 
XX193/193           BAe Hawk T.1A               234 Sqn/1TWU 
XX246/246           BAe Hawk T.1A               63 Sqn/2TWU 
XX249/249           BAe Hawk T.1                4 FTS 
(Behind a Screen - Listed on Door) 
XX161/161           BAe Hawk T.1                CFS 
XX189/J             BAe Hawk T.1A               151 Sqn/2TWU 
XX337/K             BAe Hawk T.1A               151 Sqn/2TWU 
XX348               BAe Hawk T.1A               n/m 

Jaguar Servicing Hangar 
XX119/01            Jaguar GR1A                 226OCU 
XX144               Jaguar T2A                  n/m 
XX150               Jaguar T2A                  n/m 
XX725               Jaguar GR1A                 n/m 
XX841               Jaguar T2A                  Primer 
XZ108/GD            Jaguar GR1A                 54 Sqn 
XZ113/D             Jaguar GR1A                 41 Sqn 
XZ117/E             Jaguar GR1A                 41 Sqn 
XZ375/GB            Jaguar GR1A                 54 Sqn 
ZB615               Jaguar T2A                  RAE 

Elsewhere on Airfield 
XR521/WD            Westland Wessex HC2         2 FTS 
XX965               Jaguar GR1A                 n/m 

Far Side Flightline 
WB586/A             Chipmunk T10                6 AEF 
WP786/G             Chipmunk T10                6 AEF 
WP901/B             Chipmunk T10                6 AEF 
WP914/E             Chipmunk T10                6 AEF 
XH135/AG            Canberra PR9                1 PRU 
XN494/43            Jet Provost T3A             1 FTS 
XN497/52            Jet Provost T3A             1 FTS 
XR518               Wessex HC2                  22 Sqn 
XW225/FE            Puma HC1                    240 OCU 
XW898/G             Gazelle HT3                 2 FTS 
XX116/02            Jaguar GR1A                 226 OCU 
XX225/225           Hawk T1                     4 FTS 
XX2283/Z            Hawk T1A                    151 Sqn/2 TWU 
XX295/295           Hawk T1                     4 FTS 
XX325/X             Hawk T1A                    151 Sqn/2 TWU 
XX526/C             Bulldog T1                  Oxford UAS 
XX528/D             Bulldog T1                  Oxford UAS 
XX544/01            Bulldog T1                  London UAS 
XX546/03            Bulldog T1                  London UAS 
XX547/05            Bulldog T1                  London UAS 
XX554/09            Bulldog T1                  London UAS 
XX639/02            Bulldog T1                  London UAS 
XX661/B             Bulldog T1                  Oxford UAS 
XX692/5             Bulldog T1                  CFS 
XX695/A             Bulldog T1                  Oxford UAS 
XX723/05            Jaguar GR1A                 226 OCU 
XZ129/3C            Harrier GR3                 233OCU 
XZ741/3G            Harrier GR3                 233OCU 
ZB629               Gazelle HT3                 32 Sqn 
ZE294/AQ            Tornado F3                  229 OCU 
ZE887/AN            Tornado F3                  229 OCU 
XT364/T             Scout AH1                   The Eagles AAC 
XZ617/C             Lynx AH7                    The Eagles AAC 
ZB666/G             Gazelle AH1                 The Eagles AAC 
XZ440/126           Sea Harrier FRS1            800 Sqn RN 
282/K               SH14C Lynx                  860 Sqn MLD 

Flying Only 
PS915               Spitfire PR19               B0BMF 
WL790/90            Shackleton AEW2             8 Sqn 
XV181/181           Hercules C1                 LTW 
XV242/42            Nimrod MR2                  Kinloss Wing 

XV259/59            Nimrod AEW3 
XV337(8852M)        Buccaneer S2B               n/m 
XZ280/80            Nimrod AEW3 
XZ281/81            Nimrod AEW3 
XZ283/83            Nimrod AEW3 
XZ285/85            Nimrod AEW3 
XZ287/87            Nimrod AEW3 
ZD230/G-ASGA        VC10                		Awaiting Conversion to K4 RAF/British A/w colours 
ZD235/G-ASGG        VC10                 		Awaiting Conversion to K4 RAF/British A/w colours 
ZD240/G-ASGL        VC10                 		Awaiting Conversion to K4 RAF/British A/w colours 
ZD241/G-ASGM        VC10                 		Awaiting Conversion to K4 RAF/British A/w colours 
ZD242/G-ASGP        VC10                 		Awaiting Conversion to K4 RAF/British A/w colours 
ZD243/G-ASGR        VC10                 		Awaiting Conversion to K4 RAF/British A/w colours 

Scrapping Area 
WH703               Canberra B2                 n/m 
WH869               Canberra B2                 n/m 
WJ678/CF            Canberra B2                 n/m 
XH537(8749M)        Vulcan B2(MRR)              27 Sqn c/s 
XL569               Hunter T7                   n/m 
XT274/E             Buccaneer S2B               n/m 
XT284/H             Buccaneer S2B               n/m 
XT863/AS            Phantom FG1                 43 Sqn c/s 
XV740               Harrier GR3                 n/m 
XX344               Hawk T1                     n/m 
XZ261/61            Nimrod AEW3 
XZ262/62            Nimrod AEW3 
XZ286/86            Nimrod AEW3 

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