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Biggin Hill 1983

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Date: 14/15 May 1983

Made by:

Updated: 1 August 2002


HARVARD III       133854             G-SUES      
PROCTOR 4         RM221              G-ANXR
VISITING 14th Only
CHIPMUNK T10      WK518              1 AEF
NIMROD MR2        XV245              KINLOSS
SPITFRIE IIA      AR213/QG-A         G-AIST
SCOUT AH1         XT636/X            RCF
WESSEX HCC4       XV732              QUEENS

VISITING 14/15th
ALPHA JET         E132/314-VR        GE-314
ANSON C21         WD413              G-BFIR
ARGUS III         HB751              G-BCBL
AUSTER AOP9       XP242              AACHF
BEAVER AL1        XP811             
BUCCANEER S2A     XT284/H            237 OCU
B-17G             485784/V-E         G-BEDF
C-130H            NZ7002             40 SQN
CADET TX3         XA312/VM791        RAFEF
DOMINIE T1        XS731/I            6 FTS
FM2 WILDCAT       8                  N-47201
F4U CORSAIR       133722             NX-1337A
F8F-2P BEARCAT    100/S              NX-700H 
FLYCATCHER        51287/5            G-BEYB       
FW-190            04                 G-WULF
GAZELLE HT2       XZ941/B            2 FTS
GAZELLE HT3       XW910/X            2 FTS
HERCULES C1P      XV299              LTW
HURRICANE II      LF363/GN-F         BOBMF
HUNTER F4         XE670              RAFEF (Nose)
HUNTER F51                           G-HUNT
LANCASTER         PA474/AJ-G         BOBMF
LYNX HAS2         XZ243/PO-640       702 SQN
METEOR T7         WF791              VINTAGE PAIR
MIRAGE F1C        254/12-ZT          EC-2/12
P-51D MUSTANG     463221             N-6340T
PHANTOM FG1       XV574/Z            111 SQN
PHANTOM FG1       XV583/B            111 SQN          
PROCTOR 1         FR7524             G-AIWA
SAAB SUPPORTER    T-421              FLSK
SE-5A             F-8010/19          G-BDWJ
SEA FURY FB11     TF956/123-T        FAAHF
SEA KING HAS5     ZA134/N013         820 SQN 
SEA KING HAS5     ZA169/N015         820 SQN
SIOUX AH1         XT131/B            AACHF
SPITFIRE VB       AB910/XT-M         BOBMF             
SPITFIRE IX       MH434/ZD-B         G-ASJV
SWORDFISH II      LS326/5A           FAAHF             
T-33A             TR007              G-TJET
VAMPIRE T11       XH304              VINTAGE PAIR

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