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Coltishall 1971

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Date: 18 September 1971

Made by: Peter Hambelton, Ray Pettit, BARG, Ken Elliott

Updated: 23 March 2007

WT327       	Canberra B(1)8 		RRE Pershore                     
XL616           Hunter T.7 		ETPS                                 
XH897           Javelin FAW.9       	A&AEE                       
XW368  86       Jet Provost T.5         RAFC                    
XW336  60       Jet Provost T.5     	RAFC                        
XS450  450      Lightning T.5       	226 OCU                     
XV245  45       Nimrod MR.1     	Kinloss Wg.                     
XL929           Pembroke C.1                                    
WF414           Varsity T.1         	College of Air Warfare (CAW)
XH534           Vulcan B.2                                      

Hangar 1:
14          	Bf109G-2            	RAFEx Flt (RN228)         
A1742           Bristol Scout D     	RAFEx Flt (replica BAPC38)
WK643           Chipmunk T.10                                 
XP696  696      Lightning F.3       	226 OCU                   
XG540           Sycamore HC.14  	RAFEx Flt                     

Hangar 2:
XM969  969  	Lightning T.4      	226 OCU   
XR718  718      Lightning F.3           226 OCU   
XS419  419      Lightning T.5           226 OCU   
XS449  449      Lightning T.5           226 OCU   
WH291           Meteor F.8              79/229 OCU

Hangar 3:
XM214  214  	Lightning F.1A      	226 OCU

Hangar 4:
XM987  987  	Lightning T.4       	226 OCU
XM988  988      Lightning T.4           226 OCU
XP752		Lightning		111sq
XR716  716      Lightning F.3           226 OCU

XV755  55   	Harrier GR.1        	233 OCU       
WV396  748      Hunter T.8C             FRADU         
XE626  9        Hunter FR.10            79/229 OCU    
XF419  D        Hunter FGA.9            79/229 OCU    
XF426  12       Hunter FR.10            79/229 OCU    
XG151  H        Hynter FGA.9            79/229 OCU    
XG194  A        Hunter FGA.9            79/229 OCU    
LF363  LE-D     Hurricane IIC           BoBMF         
XW352  62       Jet Provost T.5         RAFC(Poachers)
XW354  65       Jet Provost T.5         RAFC(Poachers)
XW356  67       Jet Provost T.5         RAFC(Poachers)
XW359  74       Jet Provost T.5         RAFC(Poachers)
XW360  69       Jet Provost T.5         RAFC(Poachers)
AB910  QJ-J     Spitfire VB            	BoBMF      
XT607  AP       Wessex HC.2     	72sq
XT670  AU       Wessex HC.2     	72sq
XV725  AC       Wessex HC.2     	72sq
XD165           Whirlwind HAR.10    	202 D Flt     
XJ724           Whirlwind HAR.10    	202 D Flt     

XS602  602  	Andover C.1         	46sq                  
XN817  817      Argosy C.1          	A&AEE               
XR362  362      Belfast C.1        	53sq (Samson)         
XW538  538      Buccaneer S.2B  	237 OCU                 
XH168           Canberra PR.9       	39sq                  
XP740  B        Lightning F.3       	111sq                 
XP763  P        Lightning F.3       	29sq                  
WA669  27       Meteor T.7          	CFS                 
XV250  250      Nimrod MR.1     	120sq                     
XV581  E        Phantom FG.1        	43sq                  
XK624  32       Vampire T.11        	CFS                 
XV101  101      VC.10 C.1           	10sq (Lanoe Hawker VC)
XH651           Victor BK.1A        	57sq                  
XL161           Victor SR.2         	543sq                 
XM645           Vulcan B.2          	101sq crew            
MT-5            Fouga Magister       	Diables Rouges RBAF
MT-11           Fouga Magister          Diables Rouges RBAF
MT-12           Fouga Magister          Diables Rouges RBAF
MT-18           Fouga Magister          Diables Rouges RBAF
MT-21           Fouga Magister          Diables Rouges RBAF
MT-25           Fouga Magister          Diables Rouges RBAF
MT-52??         Fouga Magister          Diables Rouges RBAF
41017  AR       Phantom RF-4C       	10 TRW USAF         
41020  AR       Phantom RF-4C           10 TRW USAF     
41022  AR       Phantom RF-4C           10 TRW USAF     
60425  AR       Phantom RF-4C           10 TRW USAF     

Military Visitors:
XS776       	Bassett CC.1        	207sq
XS777           Bassett CC.1            207sq
XS778           Bassett CC.1            207sq
XL929           Pembroke C.1            207sq

Far Side:
XM171  171  	Lightning F.1A      	226 OCU
XM172  172      Lightning F.1A             
XM173  173      Lightning F.1A      	226 OCU
XM178  178      Lightning F.1A      	226 OCU
XM182  182      Lightning F.1A      	226 OCU
XM189  189      Lightning F.1A      	226 OCU
XM215  215      Lightning F.1A                 
XM216  216      Lightning F.1A          226 OCU
XM970  970      Lightning T.4           226 OCU
XM972  972      Lightning T.4           226 OCU
XM973  973      Lightning T.4           226 OCU
XM974  974      Lightning T.4                  
XM994  994      Lightning T.4           226 OCU
XM996  996      Lightning T.4           226 OCU
XM997  997      Lightning T.4           226 OCU
XP737  737      Lightning F.3           226 OCU
XS418  418      Lightning T.5           226 OCU
XS420  420      Lightning T.5           226 OCU
XS423  423      Lightning T.5           226 OCU
XS454  454      Lightning T.5           226 OCU
XS457  457      Lightning T.5           226 OCU
XS458  458      Lightning T.5           226 OCU

Gate Guardian:
SL542           Spitfire LF. XVIe

Pleasure flights:
G-AVIE 		Cessna F.172H 		(Unusual in that it had a 3 bladed prop)
G-AXVP 		BN-2 Islander.

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