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Tern Hill 1963

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Date: .. .. 1963

Made by: Dave Windsor


XA880 		Devon c.1	Royal Radar Est.  
FT375          	Harvard		A+AEE Boscombe Down.
XP331           Whirlwind	"W"               
XP342           Whirlwind.                  
XM564           Skeeter.                    
38170           Beaver 		"LG170"-USAF.        
WD286          	Chipmunk.                   
XJ917           Sycamore.                   
XP394           Whirlwind.                  
WJ483           Valetta 	"R"                 
WK573           Chipmunk.                   
XM364           Jet Provest.                
WA593           Meteor.                     
WL685           Varsity		Signal Comm.        
XA935           Victor.                     
XB286           Beverley 	"S"-Transport Comm.
XP395           Comet		Transport Comm.       
XG462           Belvedere                   
XM958           Twin Pioneer.               
XL994           Twin Pioneer.               
XJ783           Vulcan.                     
XB284           Beverley 	"H".               
XD812           Valiant.                    
XM351           Jet Provest.                
XM378           Jet Provest.                
XM368           Jet Provest.                
XP327           Whirlwind.                  
TA639           Mosquito.                   
XA629           Javelin.                    
XD164           Whirlwind	"W-N"             
WL131           Meteor.                     
XG515           Sycamore	"F-S".             
XM556           Skeeter.                    
XA905           Vulcan.                     
XL188           Victor.                     
XF900           Provest T.1.                
K2227           Bulldog.                    
XE317          	Sycamore	"S-N"              
WE118           Canberra	231 OCU.         
WT438           Canberra.                  
XK696           Comet		216 Sq.              
XL639           Britannia 	99Sq.            
XP331           Whirlwind 	"W-T".           
WD285           Chipmunk.                  
XD376 		Vampire.       
TX225          	Anson-CFS.     
XJ385           Sycamore 	"J-S" 
XF269           Sycamore 	"G-S".
XG514           Sycamore 	"D-S".
XL826           Sycamore 	"A-S".
K3022           Gladiator.     
H2-293A.1 	German glide bomb, possibly V.1.

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