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Barton 1989

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Date: 28 May 1989

Made by: Gary Donnison


Gazelle HT.2          XX436/CU-39            705 Sqn 
Gazelle HT.2          XW886/CU-48            705 Sqn 
Gazelle HT.2          XW868/CU-50            705 Sqn 
Gazelle HT.2          XW864/CU-54            705 Sqn 
Gazelle HT.2          XX391/CU-56            705 Sqn 

Hercules C.1P         XV182                  LTW 
Hercules W.2          XV208                  RAE 
Hawk T.1              XX240                  4 FTS 
Jag GR.1              XX723/05               226 OCU 
Tornado GR.1          ZA596                  TWCU 
Vulcan B.2            XH558                  VDF 
F-111E                68-0010/UH             20 TFW 
E-3A                  LX-N90449              NAEWF 
Spitfire Vb           AB910                  BoBMF 
Sea Fury FB.11        TF956/T123             FAAHF 
Mosquito T.3          RR299                  RR 
Venom FB.54           WR410/N (G-BKLA) 
Mustang CAC.18        472917 (G-HAEC) 
F-7F                  80483 (JW483/N6178C) 
Ha 1112               "14" (G-HUNN) 
Plus an unidentified 8 Sqn Shackleton AEW.2 

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