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Coltishall 1973

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Date: 15 September 1973

Made by: Peter A Hambelton


WJ630       E       Canberra T.17       360 Sqn
WP855               Chipmunk T.10       BoBMF(Battle of Britain Memorial Flight)
XL621       81      Hunter T.7          4 FTS
XR650       11      Jet Provost T.4     CAW(College of Air Warfare)
XW372       87      Jet Provost T.5     RAFC(Royal Air Force College)
XM995       T       Lightning T.4       92 Sqn
XR724       K       Lightning F.6       11 Sqn
XV404       404     Phantom FGR.2       54 Sqn
XW210       CG      Puma HC.1           33 Sqn
XW241               Puma HC.1           RAE Bedford
XT800               Sioux AH.1          664 Sqn
PM631       AD-C    Spitfire PRXIX      BoBMF
N3989               Tiger Moth          Private (G-ANJA)
WL641               Varsity T.1         6 Support Sqn
XL165               Victor SR.2         543 Sqn
XL427               Vulcan B.2          230 OCU
XP143       650 PO  Wessex HAS.3        737 Sqn
66-7759     LN      Phantom F-4D        48 TFW

XS596       596     Andover C.1         46 Sqn
XS779               Bassett CC.1
XR365       365     Belfast C.1         53 Sqn (Hector)
XL639       639     Britannia C.1       99/511 Sqn (Atria)
XV165       165     Bucaneer S.2A       12 Sqn (Not Confirmed)??????
WG478       20      Chipmunk T.10       2 FTS (Blue Chips)
WK507       36      Chipmunk T.10       2 FTS (Blue Chips)
XV759               Harrier GR.1        233 OCU
XV179       179     Hercules C.1        LTW
XV181       181     Hercules C.1        LTW
XE552       R       Hunter FGA.9        229 OCU
XE656       76      Hunter F.6          4 FTS
XG155       J       Hunter FGA.9        229 OCU
XG194       A       Hunter FGA.9        229 OCU
XG228       E       Hunter FGA.9        229 OCU
XJ687       O       Hunter FGA.9        229 OCU
LF363       LE-D    Hurricane IIC       BoBMF
XP672       25      Jet Provost T.4     CAW (Macaws)
XR701       26      Jet Provost T.4     CAW (Macaws)
XR704       28      Jet Provost T.4     CAW (Macaws)
XW373       11      Jet Provost T.5     RAFC (Poachers)
XM182       182     Lightning F.1A      226 OCU
XM214       214     Lightning F.1A      226 OCU
XM216       216     Lightning F.1A      226 OCU
XM997       997     Lightning T.4       226 OCU
XP696               Lightning F.3       226 OCU
WA669               Meteor T.7          CFS
XV244       44      Nimrod MR.1         Kinloss Wg.
XT901               Phantom FGR.2
XV403               Phantom FGR.2
XV405               Phantom FGR.2
XV409               Phantom FGR.2
P7350       ZH-T    Spitfire IIA        BoBMF
XM718               Victor SR.2         543 Sqn
XM648               Vulcan B.2          50 Sqn
XP395               Whirlwind HAR.10    22 Sqn B Flt.
104737      737     CF-104                              Canadian Air Force
104807      807     CF-104                              Canadian Air Force
104815      815     CF-104                              Canadian Air Force
A-003               Draken A-35XD       725Esk          Danish Air Force
A-006               Draken A-35XD       725Esk          Danish Air Force
A-014               Draken A-35XD       725Esk          Danish Air Force
A-011               Draken A-35XD       725Esk          Danish Air Force
G-AWEF              Stampe SV-4C        Private.

VP968               Devon C.2/2         207 Sqn.
WV746               Pembroke C.1        

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