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Boscombe Down 1998

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Date: 20 June 1998

Made by: Roger Long


Serial        Type                   Operator 					 Notes 
KF183         Harvard IIB            AFD                                 Flew 
WV318         Hawker Hunter T7B      Delta Aviation Kemble (G-FFOX)      Flew 
WV383         Hawker Hunter T7       AFD 
XE601         Hawker Hunter FGA9     AFD 
XF358 [870]   Hawker Hunter T8C      AFD 
XF994 [873]   Hawker Hunter T8C      AFD 
XL564 [4]     Hawker Hunter T7       AFD ETPS 
XL612 [2]     Hawker Hunter T7       AFD ETPS 
XS596         Andover C1             AFD 'Open Skies' 
XS606         Andover C1             AFD ETPS 
XS646         Andover C1             AFD 
XS743         Beagle Bassett CC1     AFD ETPS 
XS790         Andover CC2            AFD 
XV208         Hercules W2            MRF 
XV219 [219]   Hercules C3            AFD 
XW175         Harrier T4             AFD 
XW750         HS 748 Series 107      AFD 
XX105         BAC 1-11 201AC         AFD 
XX108         Jaguar GR1             AFD 
XX116         Jaguar GR3             AWC SAOEU                           Flew 
XX139 [T]     Jaguar T2A             AFD                                 Flew 
XX145         Jaguar T2              AFD ETPS 
XX162         Hawk T1                SAM 
XX327         Hawk T1A               SAM 
XX341 [1]     Hawk T1 ASTRA          AFD ETPS 
XX342 [2]     Hawk T1                AFD ETPS 
XX701 [2]     Bulldog T1             Soton UAS/2 AEF 
XX723         Jaguar GR3             AWC SAOEU 
XX745 [D]     Jaguar GR1A            AFD Flew 
XX833         Jaguar T2A             AWC SAOEU                           Flew 
XX919         BAC 1-11 402AP         AFD 
XZ399 [EJ]    Jaguar GR3             AFD 
XZ575         Sea King HU5           AFD 
XZ936 [6]     Gazelle HT2            AFD ETPS                            Flew 
XZ939 [Z]     Gazelle HT2            AFD ETPS 
ZA283 [A83]   Tornado F2             AFD 
ZA326         Tornado GR1P           AFD                                 Flew 
ZA353 [B53]   Tornado GR1            AFD 
ZA371         Tornado GR4A           AFD 
ZA402 [402]   Tornado GR1            AFD 
ZA557         Tornado GR4            AFD 
ZB615         Jaguar T2              AFD ETPS 
ZB625 [N]     Gazelle HT3            AFD 
ZD285         Lynx AH7               AFD 
ZD318         Harrier GR7            AFD 
ZD319         Harrier GR5            AFD 
ZD559         Lynx AH5X              AFD 
ZD560         Lynx AH7               AFD ETPS 
ZD902         Tornado F2A (TIARA)    AFD 
ZE432         BAC 1-11 479FU         AFD                                 Flew 
ZF510 [510]   Tucano T1              AFD ETPS 
ZF511 [511]   Tucano T1              AFD ETPS 
ZF622         Piper PA31 Chieftain   AFD 
ZG750         Tornado GR4            AFD 
ZH763         BAC 1-11               AFD 
ZH806         Sea Harrier FA2        AFD                                 Flew 
ZH808         Sea Harrier FA2        AFD 
ZH891         Chinook HC2A           AFD 
ZH893         Chinook HC2A           AFD 
XL629         Lightning T4                                               Gate guard 
XT597         Phantom FG1 
XV401 [I]     Phantom FGR2                                               GI Use 
ZF130         BAe 125                                                    Stored 
C9533 [M]     RAF SE5A               Privately owned (G-BUWE)            Flew 
F141 [G]      RAF SE5A               Privately owned (G-SEVA)            Flew 
W5856 [A2A]   Swordfish              RN Historic Flt Yeovilton (G-BMGC)  Flew 

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