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Fleetlands 1991

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Date: 8 June 1991

Made by: Kevin Bone


Serial       Code     Type             Mark        Status Unit         Operator 
VX595        29       Dragonfly        HR1            M   ETPS         MoD(PE) 
WV783                 Sycamore         HR12           M   RNAY AS      RAF 
XJ481        VL       Sea Fixen        FAW1           M   RNAY AS      RN 
XK988        D        Whirlwind        HAR10          M   RNAY AS      RAF 
XL600        Y        Hunter           T7             E   RNAY AS      RN 
XL853        LS       Whirlwind        HAS7           M   RNAY AS      RN 
XP110        FL-55    Wessex           HAS3           E   RNAY AS      RN 
XS523        CU-824   Wessex           HU5            E   RNAY AS      RN 
XS568        441      Wasp             HAS1           E   RNAY AS      RN 
XS569                 Wasp             HAS1           E   RNAY AS      RN 
XS868                 Wessex           HAS1           G   RNAY AS      RN 
XT480        XQ       Wessex           HU5            E   RNAY AS      RN 
XT646        Z        Scout            AH1            O   666 Sqdn(TA) AAC 
XT780        636      Wasp             HAS1           E   RNAY AS      RN 
XV654        R-018    Sea King         HAS5           Y   820 Sqdn     RN 
XV663        R-015    Sea King         HAS6           O                RN 
XV674        274      Sea King         HAS6           Y                RN 
XV696        503      Sea King         HAS6           Y                RN 
XV703                 Sea King         HAS6           Y                RN 
XV706        R-011    Sea King         HAS6           Y   820 Sqdn     RN 
XV710                 Sea King         HAS6           Y                RN 
XW887        FL       Gazelle          HT2            O                RN 
XX392        A1       Gazelle          AH1            O   670 Sqdn     AAC 
XZ171                 Lynx             AH1            Y                AAC 
XZ176                 Lynx             AH1            Y                AAC 
XZ195                 Lynx             AH1            Y                AAC 
XZ216        V        Lynx             AH1            O   671 Sqdn     AAC 
XZ254                 Lynx             HAS3S          Y                RN 
XZ255                 Lynx             HAS3S          Y                RN 
XZ585                 Sea King         HAR3           Y                RAF 
XZ614                 Lynx             AH1            Y                RN 
XZ615                 Lynx             AH1            Y                AAC 
XZ663                 Lynx             AH1            Y                AAC 
XZ668                 Lynx             AH1            Y                AAC 
XZ672        N        Lynx             AH1            Y                AAC 
XZ719                 Lynx             HAS3S          O                RN 
XZ723                 Lynx             HAS3           Y   829 Sqdn     RN 
XZ731                 Lynx             HAS3           Y                RN 
XZ922        500      Sea King         HAS6           Y   810 Sqdn     RN 
ZA131        133      Sea King         HAS6           O                RN 
ZA682        BN       Chinook          HC1            Y   BFME         RAF 
ZA704                 Chinook          HC1            Y                RAF 
ZA711                 Chinook          HC1            Y   78 Sqdn      RAF 
ZB693                 Gazelle          AH1            O   670 Sqdn     AAC 
ZD254        PO-631   Lynx             HAS3           O   702 Sqdn     RN 
ZD259                 Lynx             HAS3           Y   815 Sqdn     RN 
ZD277                 Lynx             AH1            Y                AAC 
ZD279                 Lynx             AH1            Y                AAC 
ZD282                 Lynx             AH1            Y   3 CBAS       RM 
ZD565        PO-633   Lynx             HAS3           Y   702 Sqdn     RN 
ZD567                 Lynx             HAS3           Y                RN 
ZD574                 Chinook          HC1            Y   240 OCU      RAF 
ZD625        ZX       Sea King         HC4            O   707 Sqdn     RN 
ZD634                 Sea King         HAS6           Y                RN 
ZD983                 Chinook          HC1            Y                RAF 
ZE388                 Lynx             AH1            O                AAC 


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