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Coningsby 1992

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Date: 13 June 1992

Made by: Adam Bailey


JV928          	Catalina
PA474          	Lancaster
WB271        	Firefly
XH558          	Vulcan
XS644          	Andover
XT891           Phantom
XV181          	C-130
XV191          	C-130
XV246          	Nimrod
XV258          	Nimrod
XW206         	Puma
XX164          	Hawk
XX196          	Hawk
XX493          	Jetstream
ZA592/B  	Tornado GR.1
ZE160/AY  	Tornado F.3
ZE253/AB  	Tornado F.3
ZE294/AQ  	Tornado F.3
ZE339         	Tornado F.3
ZE340/AG  	Tornado F.3
ZE761/CB  	Tornado F.3
ZE785/AO  	Tornado F.3
ZF340         	Tucano
ZG731/CG  	Tornado F.3
ZH101         	E-3 Sentry
188709        	CF-18
188742        	CF-18
E-600          	F-16A
ET-613        	F-16B
80/330-AS  	MIRAGE 2000C
108/330-AT   	MIRAGE 2000C
J-361         	F-16A
J-365          	F-16A
J-3057        	F-5A
J-2331        	MIRAGE III
02373         	F-111F
10891         	F-111F

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