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Leuchars 1960

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Date: September 1960

Made by:


Static Park: 
Vampire T11             XD458/49             1FTS 
Javelin FAW.6           XA828/U              29 Sq 
Meteor F.8              WK921/K              29 Sq 
Meteor T.7              VW456/X              S.F. Leuchars 
Canberra B(I)8          XH231                59 Sq, Germany 
Valiant B.1             WP210                138 Sq 
Hunter T.7              XL623                43 Sq 
Hunter FGA.9            XG237/C              43 Sq 
Javelin FAW.5           XA713/W              151Sq 
Javelin T3              XH436/R 
Varsity T.1             WL691/N              Tangmere 
SeaHawk FB3             WV793                Abbotsinch 
Provost T.1             WV505 'P-N'          1 FTS 
Chipmunk T.10           WG349/X 
Chipmunk T.10           WK640/Y 
Whirlwind 4             XD183                228 Sq 
Whirlwind 4             XD163                228 Sq 

Meteor F.8              WL113                29 Sq 
Meteor F.8              WA725                Leuchars Station Plight 
Meteor F.8              WA990                Leuchars Station Plight 
Chipmunk T.10           WP839/Z              St Andrews UAS 
Chipmunk T.10           WD363/W              St Andrews UAS 

Flying Display (Curtailed due to bad weather): 
Hunter                  XF456/A              43 Sq 
Hunter                  XG205/E              43 Sq 
Hunter                  XG256/G              43 Sq 
Hunter                  XG255/S              43 Sq 
Hunter                  XF440/U              43 Sq 
Hunter                  XF431                43 Sq 
Provost T.1             WV617/P-A            1 FTS 
Provost T.1             WV602/P-J            1 FTS 
Provost T.1             WV622/P-M            1 FTS 
Provost T.1             XF875/P-V            1 FTS 
Valiant B.1             WP215                18 Sq 
Vampire T.11            WZ577/56             1 FTS 
Vampire T.11            XE882/58             1 FTS 
Vampire T.11            XD554/76             1 FTS 
An RCAF Argus made two passes overhead - but was never seen! 

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