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Bentwaters 1985

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Date: 10 August 1985

Made by: Ian Crane

Updated: 14 June 2005

Spitfire IIA		P7350/EB-Z	BBMF
Hurricane IIc           LF363/VY-X      BBMF
Meteor T.7              WA669           CFS
Vampire T.11          	XH304           CFS
Dominie T.1            	XS711/L         6 FTS
Buccaneer S.2B     	XV168/VS        208 Sqn
Nimrod MR.2          	XV233           42 Sqn
Hercules C.1P       	XV300           LTW
Jet Provost T.5       	XW295           1 FTS
Jet Provost T.5       	XW320           1 FTS
Jet Provost T.5       	XW323/44        RAFC
Hawk T.1                XX227           Red Arrows
Hawk T.1                XX241           4 FTS
Hawk T.1                XX243           Red Arrows
Hawk T.1                XX252           Red Arrows
Hawk T.1                XX259           Red Arrows
Hawk T.1                XX260           Red Arrows
Hawk T.1                XX264           Red Arrows
Hawk T.1                XX266           Red Arrows
Hawk T.1                XX304           Red Arrows
Hawk T.1                XX306           Red Arrows
Hawk T.1                XX308           Red Arrows
C.152                   G-BGLR
A-10A                   80-145/WRy      81 TFW
A-10A                   80-167/WRg      81 TFW
A-10A                   80-179/WRy      81 TFW
A-10A                   80-181/WRy      81 TFW
A-10A                   80-207/WRy      81 TFW
A-10A                   80-217/WRy      81 TFW
A-10A                   80-232/WRb      81 TFW
A-10A                   80-234/WRb      81 TFW
A-10A                   80-272/WRy      81 TFW
A-10A                   80-280/WRb      81 TFW
A-10A                   81-943/WRy      81 TFW
A-10A                   81-952/WR       81 TFW
A-10A                   81-957/WRy      81 TFW
A-10A                   81-963/WRy      81 TFW
A-10A                   81-983/WR       81 TFW
A-10A                   81-990/WRb      81 TFW
A-10A                   82-649/WR       81 TFW
A-10A                   82-649/WRb      81 TFW
A-10A                   82-657/WRg      81 TFW
HC-130P                 60220           67 ARRS
KC-135A                 80059           5 BW
C-141B                  59413           438 MAW
RF-4C                   68-565/AR       10 TRW
RF-4C                   69-382/AR       10 TRW
F-4E                    72-160/SPbk     52 TFW
F-4G                    69-7212/SPb     52 TFW
F-5E                    01545           527 AS
F-15C                   79-054/BTr      36 TFW
F-15C                   79-056/BTr      36 TFW
F-15C                   79-059/BTr      36 TFW
F-15C                   79-060/BTr      36 TFW
F-16A                   80-586/HRm      50 TFW
F-16A                   81-738/HRm      50 TFW
F-111E                  68-055/UHb      20 TFW
F-111E                  68-056/UHb      20 TFW
F-111F                  ..-.../LN       48 TFW
HH-53C                  69-5784         67 ARRS
HH-53C                  69-5796         67 ARRS
HH-53C                  69-5797         67 ARRS
Mirage VBD              BD-10           8 Sm
CF-104G                 104733          421 Sqn
Noratlas                113/63-VN       ET-63
Alpha Jet               E107/3          PdF
Alpha Jet               E170/1          PdF
Alpha Jet               E171/5          PdF
Alpha Jet               E172            PdF
Alpha Jet               E173            PdF
Alpha Jet               E55/4           PdF
Alpha Jet               E58/7           PdF
Alpha Jet               E59/6           PdF
Alpha Jet               E61/8           PdF
Alpha Jet               E63/2           PdF
F-104G                  26+61           MFG-2
F-104G                  26+74           MFG-2
Tornado                 44+21           JbG-31

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