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Alconbury 1992(2)

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Date: 22/23 August 1992

Made by:

Updated: 4 September 2001

GA-10A         80-0219/AR   	 BDR `PHOENIX`                          
F-4C           63-7419/SA        BDR                               
F-4N           153008            BDR                               
F-5E           01532             GATE                              
A-10A          82-0650/WR  -     81 FW   Grey c/s                  
A-10A          82-0655/WR  mlt   81 FW   `81 FW`                   
C-5A           69-0022           439 AW/337 AS  `The Patriot Line` 
HC-130N        69-5826           39 SOW/67 SOS                     
HC-130P        66-0220           39 SOW/67 SOS                     
KC-135A        63-8019/DY r/bk   96 WG/917 ARS  `Risky Buisness`   
F-4G           69-7212/SP y      52 FW/81 FS  `52 FW`              
F-15A          77-0100/CR or/g   32 FG/32 FS  `32 FS`              
F-15E          90-0248/LN b/r    48 FW        `48 FW`              
F-16C          87-0238/RS g/bk   86 FW/512 FS `512 FS`             
F-111F         70-2415/LN r      48 FW/494 FS                      
AH-1F          81-23533          1/1 CAV                           
UH-1N          69-6606           608 AG/58 AS                      
MH-53J         66-14431          39 SOW/21 SOS                     
UH-60A         86-24554          TF/VIPER                          
AH-64A         87-0504           2/227 AVN                         
U-2R           80-1073           17 RW/95 RS                       
P-3C           158570/LN-2       VP-45                             
F-16A          E-193             ESK 727                           
F-16B          ET-613            ESK 727                           
F-4F           38+29             JG-72                             
Tornado        45+33             MFG-2                             
Tornado        46+22             MFG-2                             
Alouette 3     A-253             298 SQN                           
BO-105C        B-44              299 SQN                           
F-16A          J-016             313 SQN                           
F-16A          J-062             315 SQN                           
DO-28D         4336/CNA-NP       Morrocco                          
E-3A           LXN-90449         NAEWF                             
F-16A          689               338 SKV                           
F-16B          297               338 SKV                           
Buccaneer S2B  XX892        	 208 SQN       
Canberra T17   WJ633/EF          360 SQN       
Dominie T1     XS710/O           6 FTS         
Harrier GR7    ZD461/01          1 SQN         
Hawk T1A       XX312/CF          100 SQN       
Hercules C1P   XV292             LTW  Spcl Mk`s
Hunter F4      XE670             RAFEF/8585M   
Jetstream T1   XX494/B           6 FTS         
Jaguar GR1     XX745/04          16R SQN       
Lightning F1   XM191             RAFEF/8590M   
Nimrod MR2P    XV254             Kinloss       
Tornado F3     ZG772/CN          5 SQN         
Victor K2      XL161             55 SQN        
Flightline South:
Alouettes 3 of Grasshoppers:     A324/350/390/398/465
Cap 230s of Green March:  	 06-CN-ABI/07-CN-ABJ/08-CN-ABK/09-CN-ABL
Hawk T1As of Red Arrows:	 XX227/237/252/253/254/260/264/266/306/308
Su-26          02166/50      
Sea King HAR3  ZE370        	 202 SQN
AN-2           HA-ABJ            c/n 20140
C-45           `51-11701/AF-258	Southern Comfort`
F-6F           40467/19       
ZEKE           N288              15798
FG-1D          N17640            X55JP  `Big Hog`
P-51D          N511371           L10515
Spitfire HFIBX MH434       	 G-ASJV 
Flightline North:
F-4G           69-0263/SP  y     52 FW/81 FS           
F-15A          77-0113/-   -     32 FG/32 FS  	Low Viz  
F-16D          86-0049/RS  g/bk  86 FW/512 FS          
F-111F         74-0178/LN  r     48 FW/494 FS  	`494 FS`
F-16A          FA-73             23 SQN         also logged as FA-93!       
F-16A          FA-92             31 SQN                
Alpha Jet      AT-11             9 WING  	Spcl Mk`s     
Alpha Jet      AT-20             9 WING                
Harrier GR7    ZG531             4 SQN    	r/y/bk Tail     
Harrier GR7    ZG532             4 SQN    	r/y/bk Tail     
Hawk T1A       XX230             63 SQN/2 TWU   Black c/s
Hawk T1A       XX281             151 SQN/2 TWU  Black c/s
Nimrod MR2P    XV246             St Mawgun                
Tornado GR1    ZA542/JA          27 SQN                   
Tornado GR1    ZA553/JE          27 SQN                   
Tornado F3     ZE338             25 SQN  	Spcl Mk`s        
Tornado F3     ZE961/FD          25 SQN                   

Flying only:
Andover E3A    XS644      	 32 SQN   Falcon`s
Islander       G-ORED      	 Red Devil`s
Jaguar GR1     XX965/07   	 16R SQN
Lancaster B1   PA474/PM-M   	 BOBMF
Spitfire PRXIX PM631/N    	 BOBMF

C-130E         63-7814           39 SOW/67 SOS 
MC-130E        64-0561           39 SOW/7 SOS  
HC-130N        69-5827           39 SOW/67 SOS 
HC-130P        65-0973           39 SOW/67 SOS 
MH-53J         68-10357          39 SOW/21 SOS 
U-2R           80-1074           17 RW/95 RS   
U-2R           80-1077           17 RW/95 RS   
U-2R           80-1079           17 RW/95 RS   
U-2R           80-1092           17 RW/95 RS   

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