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Castle Bromwich 1955

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Date: 17 September 1955

Made by: Peter A Rowlings


6457M		Spitfire Mk9		gate guard	
DP200		Sunderland MR5			
PS853		Spitfire PR19			
LX118 or 119	Oxford T2			
RF346		Lincoln B2			
RF444		Lincoln B2			
TG578		Hastings C1			
WD482		Hastings C2			
TG513 or 518	Hastings C1			
TW453 or 455	Auster AOP6			
TW528		Auster AOP6			
TW530		Auster AOP6		
VL2??		Valetta C1		
VL2??		Valetta C1		
VL267		Valetta C1		
VR380		Bristol 170		
VX231		M Marathon		
WD586		Meteor NF11		
WD590		Meteor NF11		
WD597		Meteor NF11		
WD796		Meteor NF11		
WA879		Meteor F8		
WL163		Meteor F8		
WL164		Meteor F8		
WL179		Meteor F8		
WL183		Meteor F8		
WS841		Meteor NF14		
TX218		Anson T21		
TX235		Anson T21		
VM372		Anson T21		
WL692		Varsity T1		
WN510 		Balliol T2		
WK550		Chipmunk T10		Birmingham U. A. S.
WP832 or 834	Chipmunk T10		Birmingham U. A. S.
WP900		Chipmunk T10		Birmingham U. A. S.
WP922		Chipmunk T10		Birmingham U. A. S.
WZ868		Chipmunk T10		Birmingham U. A. S.
WD288		Chipmunk T10			
WZ362		Valiant B1			             
WT591	        Hunter F1			             
WV435		Provost T1		) 
WV482	        Provost T1		) codes N-G, N-C, P-A	             
WV514	        Provost T1		)	             
WV493	        Provost T1			             
VP284	        Shakleton MR1			             
VP291	        Shakleton MR1			             
WB818	        Shakleton MR1			             
WR970	        Shackleton MR3			             
WZ493	        Vampire T11			             
VV690/23	Vampire FB5			             
WE272 	        Venom FB1			             
WE562 or 567	Auster T7			
XG514		Sycamore HC14			            
WZ889	        Beverley C1		prototype ex G-AMVW	
VM359	        Anson C19			            
VP523	        Anson C19			            
VP527	        Anson C19			            
VP530	        Anson C19			            
WH702	        Canberra B2			            
WH717	        Canberra B2			            
W?917	        Canberra B2			            
WJ679	        Canberra B2			            
WK129	        Canberra B2			            
WK129	        Canberra B2			            
WK115	        Canberra B2			            
WK133	        Canberra B2			            
WJ619	        Canberra B2			            
WT326	        Canberra B8			            
WJ788 ?	        Canberra			            
WX519		Neptune MR1		)
WX550	        Neptune MR1		) codes B-J, B-L, B-P   	203 Sqn
WX???	        Neptune MR1		)    	            
WT559	        Hunter F1			            
WT734	        Hunter F4			            
WP181	        Hunter F5			            
WB925 or 975	Sedburgh TX1			
VM689		Cadet TX2			          
XE801	        Cadet TX3			          
WJ118	        Firefly AS6		Royal Navy
WD890	        Firefly AS6		Royal Navy
XB476	        Hiller HTE2		Royal Navy
52-3356	        B-47E			USAF              
53-2284	        B-47E			USAF              
53-2287	        B-47E			USAF              
52-5130	        F-84F			USAF              
52-6427	        F-84F			USAF              
52-6476	        F-84F			USAF              
52-6513	        F-84F			USAF              
52-6678	        F-84F			USAF              
52-6842	        F-84F			USAF              
4x	        F-86D			USAF, in formation

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