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Coventry 1978

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Date: 13 August 1978

Made by: David Miller


KF183			Harvard			A & AEE		
83797			OV-10A			601st TCW	
G-AZME		        Navajo			
D-EAWM		LO	Fokker D.VII		Replica		                        
F1725/17		Fokker DR.1	        Replica		                        
C1701/G-AWYY		Sopwith Camel	        Replica		                        
XM608			Vulcan B.2	        50 Sq.		                        
XX517	        7	Bulldog T.1	        RNEFTS	"The Bulldogs"	                
XX532	        15	Bulldog T.1	        RNEFTS	"The Bulldogs"	                
XX502		2	Bulldog T.1	        RNEFTS	"The Bulldogs"    Spare Aircraft                                	
RR299	        HT-E	Mosquito T.3			                        
XW428	        70	Jet Provost T.5A	1 FTS		                
XW404	        77	Jet Provost T.5A	1 FTS	Spare Aircraft	        
WF791	        	Meteor T.7		Vintage Pair		                
XH304	        	Vampire T.11	        Vintage Pair		        
LS326	        5A	Swordfish	        FAA Historic Flight		
TF956	        	Sea Fury FB.11	        FAA Historic Flight		
RM619	        AP-D	Spitfire 14	        		                
AB910	        QJ-J	Spitfire VB	        BoBMF		                
LF363	        LE-D	Hurricane IIC	        BoBMF		                
XX759	        19	Jaguar GR.1	        226 OCU		                
XX758	        18	Jaguar GR.1	        226 OCU	Spare Aircraft	        
XV295	        	Hercules C.1	        LTW	Falcons Parachute Team	
50057	        BT	F-15A			36 TFW		                                
01563		        F-5E			527 TFTAS		                        
485784		        Boeing B17G			                        
XP514		        Gnat T.1		Red Arrows		                
XP535		        Gnat T.1		Red Arrows                        
XR540		        Gnat T.1		Red Arrows                        
XR572		        Gnat T.1		Red Arrows                        
XR977		        Gnat T.1		Red Arrows                        
XR987		        Gnat T.1		Red Arrows                        
XR993		        Gnat T.1		Red Arrows                        
XS101		        Gnat T.1		Red Arrows                        
XS107		        Gnat T.1		Red Arrows                        
Pleasure Flights:				
G-BAKF			Jet Ranger		
G-BAKS			Jet Ranger		
Support Aircraft:				
VP955			Devon C2/2		207 Sq.	BoBMF
14637			OV-10A			601st TCW	
G-ARLL			Comanche		Red Arrows Commentator from Bitterswell	

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