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Goodwood 1973

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Date: 27 August 1973

Made by:


Belfast C.1                XR368                     53 Sqn 
Meteor T.7                 WA669                     Vintage Pair 
Vampire T.11               XH304                     Vintage Pair 
Nimrod MR.1                XV252                     42 Sqn 
Hunter F.6                 XK149/44                  229 OCU 
Vulcan B.2                 XL427                     230 OCU 
Lancaster                  PA474/KM-B                BBMF 
Hurricane II               LF363/LE-D                BBMF 
Spitfire PR.19             PS853                     BBMF 
Jet Provost T.5            XW370/49, XW410/51        Gemini Pair 
Jet Provost T.5            XW289/82, XW291/84        Red Pelicans/CFS 
                           XW294/87, XW414/89        Red Pelicans/CFS 
Basset CC.1                XS779                     BBMF(support a/c) 
AV-8A                      158966                    HSA/USMC 
F-4D                       4x    (Undentified)       48 TFW 
CF-104                     4x    (Unidentified)      CAF/421 Sqn 
Swordfish                  LS326/5A                  FAAHF 
Messenger                  RG333/G-AIEK 
Skeeter AOP.12             XM553/G-AWSV 
Rapide                     G-AGTM 
Spitfire T.8               G-AIDN 
Tiger Moth                 G-AOAA 
Turbulent                  G-APNZ, G-ASAM, G-ATKR 
Islander                   G-AWVY, G-AYSS 
Pits Special               G-BADW, G-BADY, G-BADZ, G-BAEA 
Harvard                    G-BAFM 
Western O-65               G-AZLB 
Hughes 269                 G-ASTZ 
Cherokee 180               G-AVSP 
Aztec 250                  G-AYZO 

Visiting aircraft: 
Beech Travel Air           G-APUB 
Tiger Moth                 G-AOBX 
Cessna F172E               G-ASMJ 
Bo208 Junior               G-ASWE 
Horizon 160                G-ASZS 
Comanche 260               G-ATAO 
Jodel DR1050               G-ATJA 
J3C-65 Cub                 G-ATKI 
Cessna F172G               G-ATKS 
Jodel D140                 G-ATKX 
Tri-Pacer                  G-ATXA 
Rallye Club                G-AVIN 
D62B Condor                G-AVOH 
Enstrom F28                G-AVUK 
Cherokee Six 300           G-AWCZ, G-BATM 
Cherokee 140               G-AVWA, G-BAGX 
Cessna F172E               G-AWCN 
Cessna F172H               G-AWGJ 
Andreasson BA-4B           G-AWPZ 
Cherokee Arrow 200         G-AZSN 
Pup 2                      G-AXID, G-AXJN 
Twin Comanche 160          G-AXSP 
Crosby  BA-4B              G-ATFU 
Rallye Club                G-AYKF 
Navajo 300                 G-AZHL 
Cherokee Arrow 180         G-AZWS 
Aztec 250                  G-AZZL, G-BARU 
Cessna F172J               G-BARC 
Cherokee 180               G-BASF 
Seneca 200                 G-BATR 
Bell 47G                   G-BBER 
Horizon 160                F-BMUO 

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