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Prestwick 1985

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Date: 8 June 1985

Made by: Johnny Ross


A-10A                  82-654/WR             81TFW 
                       80-203/WR             81TFW 
                       81-950/WR             81TFW 
F-15C                  79-053/BT             36TFW 
                       79-055/BT             36TFW 
F-15D                  79-010/BT             36TFW 
RF-4C                  68-557/AR             10TRW 
F-4E                   60344                 57FIS Keflavik     (dayglo mks, full high-viz) 
                       60370                 57FIS Keflavik     (dayglo mks, full high-viz) 
F-16A                  80-563/HR             50TFW 
                       81-722/HR             50TFW 
F-111F                 70-2413/LN            48TFW 
C-130E                 68-10945              317TAW/TAC 
C-141A                 60190                 437MAW/MAC 
                       67956                 437MAW/MAC 
NF-5B                  K-4001                Dutch AF/KLU 
F-5B                   243                   Norwegian AF/KNL, 338sq 
Sea King Mk.43         071                   Norwegian AF/KNL, 330sq 
F-16A                  J-222 (78-220)        Dutch AF/KLU, 322sq 
                       J-226 (78-226)        Dutch AF/KLU, 322sq 
F-104G                 26+60                 WGN/Marineflieger, MFG-2 
                       26+66                 WGN/Marineflieger, MFG-2 
F-4F                   38+01                 Luftwaffe, JBG36 
Tornado                44+46                 Luftwaffe, JBG32 
Tornado                43+58                 Marineflieger, MFG-1 
Sikorsky S.61A         U-278                 Danish AF, 722sq 
SA.321G Super Frelon   No.118                French Navy/Marine, 32F 
Mirage F.1C            No.183/12-ZO          French AF, EC3/12 
C-130E                 130308                CAF (Visitor) 
CF-104                 104733                1CAG, CAF Sollingen 
                       104747                1CAG, CAF Sollingen 
Gazelle HT.2           XW860/44CU            705sq RN 
                       XW863/42CU            705sq RN 
                       XW907/40CU            705sq RN 
                       XW886/48CU            705sq RN 
                       XW854/46CU            705sq RN 
Wasp HAS.1             XT793/440             HMS Berwick Flt, 829Sq RN. 
Lynx  HAS.2            XZ255/450             815sq RN. 
Sea King HC.4          ZA298/VA              846sq RN 
Sea King HAS.2         XV705/596             RN 
Sea Heron C.1          XR445                 Yeovilton stn flt RN 
Sea Harrier FRS.1      XZ451/000 
Buccaneer S.2b         XZ432/CS              208sq 
Bulldog T.1            XX521/01              East Lowland UAS 
                       XX537/02              East Lowland UAS 
                       XX525/03              East Lowland UAS 
                       XX559                 Glasgow UAS 
                       XX560                 Glasgow UAS 
Canberra TT.18         WK124/CR              100sq 
Hawk T.1               XX234 
                       XX227                 Red Arrows 
                       XX252                 Red Arrows 
                       XX253                 Red Arrows 
                       XX259                 Red Arrows 
                       XX260                 Red Arrows 
                       XX264                 Red Arrows 
                       XX266                 Red Arrows 
                       XX304                 Red Arrows 
                       XX306                 Red Arrows 
                       XX308                 Red Arrows 
Hunter T.8c            XF967/XC              237OCU 
Jet Provost T.5        XW336/6               RAFC 
Jetstream T.2          XX483/562CU           750sq RN 
Jetstream T.1          XX499/G               6FTS 
Nimrod MR.1            XV249                 Kinloss wg 
Phantom FGR.2          XT907/T               228OCU 
                       XV396/D               228OCU 
Shackleton AEW.2       WL757                 8sq 
Wessex HC.2            XR498/X               72sq 

Historical a/c: 
Harvard                FT239 
                       EX280 (G-TEAC) 
                       7185                  SAAF 
Meteor T.7             WA669 
Vampire T.11           XH304 
Seahawk FGA.6          WV908                 RN Historic Flt 

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