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Alconbury 1991(1)

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Date: 13 July 1991

Made by:


GA-10A         80-0219/AR     BDR                      
F-4C           63-7419/SA     BDR   
F-4N           153008         BDR   
F-5E           01532          GATE  
F-101B         56-0312/AR     BDR   
U-2CT          56-6692        STORED

F-4G           69-0245/SP b   52 TFW/23 TFS 
F-4G           69-0255/SP b   52 TFW/23 TFS
F-4G           69-0259/SP y   52 TFW/81 TFS
F-4G           69-0269/SP b   52 TFW/23 TFS
F-4G           69-7212/SP mlt 52 TFW        `52 TFW`
F-15C          84-0002/BT y   36 TFW/53 TFS
F-16C          86-0229/SP r   52 TFW/480 TFS
F-16C          86-0237/SP b   52 TFW/23 TFS
F-16C          86-0366/SP r   52 TFW/480 TFS
F-16C          87-0260/SP r   52 TFW/480 TFS
F-111E         68-0043/UH b   20 TFW/55 TFS
F-111E         68-0055/UH b   20 TFW/55 TFS `55 TFS`
Canberra TT18  WJ680/CT       100 SQN
Hawk T1        XX296          4 FTS
Hawk T1A       XX219/T        151 SQN/2 TWU
Hawk T1A       XX281/O        151 SQN/2 TWU
JP T5A         XW359/65       1 FTS
Tornado GR1    ZA560/MC       617 SQN
Tucano T1      ZF208          7 FTS

Based aircraft:
TR-1A          80-1074        `Spcl Mk`s`
TR-1A          80-1083              
TR-1A          80-1086              
TR-1A          80-1093              

A10A  509TFS:  76-0527 76-0548 77-0233 77-0237 77-0242 77-0247
               77-0259 77-0276 80-0237 81-0990
A10A  511TFS:  79-0220 `Yankee Express`
               80-0170 `Lakanuki`
               80-0208 `Annabelle II`
               81-0939 `Rocky`
               81-0964 `Steal Your Face` Mi-8 Kill

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