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Prestwick 1984

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Date: 2 June 1984

Made by: Al McGrath


XX895         BUCCANEER S2B         RAF 
XX561         BULLDOG T1            ABERDEEN UAS 
XX663         BULLDOG T1            ABERDEEN UAS 
XX665         BULLDOG T1            ABERDEEN UAS 
XX667         BULLDOG T1            ABERDEEN UAS 
XX339         HAWK T1A              151 SQN / RAF 
XX348         HAWK T1A              151 SQN / RAF 
XV185         HERCULES C1           LTW / RAF 
XX846         JAGUAR T2             226 OCU / RAF 
XZ367         JAGUAR GR1            226 OCU / RAF 
XW411         JET PROVOST T5A       RAF 
XW860         GAZELLE HT 2          705 SQN / RN 
XW864         GAZELLE HT 2          705 SQN / RN 
XW907         GAZELLE HT 2          705 SQN / RN 
XX436         GAZELLE HT 2          705 SQN / RN 
XX441         GAZELLE HT 2          RN 
XZ237         LYNX HAS 3            829 SQN / RN 
XZ494         SEA HARRIER FRS1      899 SQN / RN 
ZA195         SEA HARRIER FRS1      RN 
C-FFUN        B 747                 WARDAIR 
G-BLHC        JETSTREAM 3001        Bae 
G-31-635      JETSTREAM 3001        Bae 
G-31-636      JETSTREAM 3001        Bae 
G-BEJL        S-61N                 BA HELIS 
G-BEWL        S-61N 
N602US        B 747                 NORTHWEST ORIENT 

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