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Farnborough 1990

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Date: September 1990

Made by: Alexis Antonakis, Juan Gajardo, Keith Bollands

Updated: 23 March 2007

Antonov An-225
Not many people who have seen it will ever forget the sight of this giant: the mighty Antonov An-225 (registration CCCP-82060) which appeared on the 1990 edition of Farnborough's airshow.

Photo copyright Paul Nann

More pictures of this airshow, see Paul Nann's Military Aviation Photo Gallery

REG              TYPE            OPERATOR                   NOTES 
09920            BO105           Armeflygkar 
144603           CL600           CAF 
161022           AH-1            USMC 
188              L-39            CVL 
188751           CF-188          CAF 
188795           CF-188          CAF 
304              MIG-29 
315              MIG-29 
327              MIRAGE 2000     AdlA                       Also F-ZJSA Coded SA 
388              SU-27 
389              SU-27 
501              MIG-21          MHRC 
708              IAR-99          FAR 
709              IAR-99          FAR 
80-1083          TR-1            USAF 
85-1446          F-16            USAF 
88-0270          125             USAF 
88-0316          OH-58D          USA 
88003            SA-227          KSF 
BX1              MIRAGE 2000     AdlA                       Also F-ZJTB 
BY2              MIRAGE 2000-5   AdlA                       Also F-ZJED 
C-404            PC-9            Schweizerische Flugwaffe 
CC-PZF           T35 		 ENAER
CC-PZJ           NAMCU 		 ENAER
CCCP-82060       AN-225 
D-0959           LO100 
D-5793           LO100 
D-BEAT           DHC-8           DLT 
D-CALM           DO-228 
D-CALY           DO-228 
D-EATP           FT400 
D-EBTS           EA-300 
D-EGRN           EA-300 
D-EIWZ           FT600 
D-ELCF           G115 
D-EMJU           MS893 
D-HBNE           MBK117 
D-HHNN           B412 
D-HIMA           MBK117 
D-HIMU           MBK117 
D-ICOG           DO-228 
EC-009           CN235           Binter Canarias 
EC-014           CN235           Eda                        Also T.19B-03 
EX-02            IA63 
F-GJEB           200 
F-GKRA           C406 
F-GLAA           TB-21 
F-GLAI           TB-9 
F-WKDL           TBM-700 
F-WOMG           TB-31 
F-WWEZ           ATR-72          ATR 
F-WZLA           AS555 
F-ZJTJ           ALPHA JET 
F-ZVLB           TB-30 
G-31-901         J31             United Express             Also N485UE 
G-BKRL           LEOPARD 
G-BLUX           T-67 
G-BOIT           TB-10 
G-BPON           OA7 
G-BPYU           S-330 
G-BRKD           PW149 
G-BRLY           ATP             British Airways 
G-BRTR           GA-42 
G-BRXI           146             TNT 
G-BSLV           F280 
G-BSMY           J31             Pan Am Express 
G-BSOH           146 
G-BSTA           146 
G-BSTB           F280            Not marked 
G-BTUC           EMB-312 
G-EXLR           125 
G-FRAH           F20 
G-FTWO           AS355 
G-GAYL           L35 
G-HERA           R22 
G-HPLC           S76 
G-IIII           PITTS 
G-MATP           ATP 
G-MHSL           BO105 
G-NAAS           AS355 
G-OIOI           EH101 
G-SKSC           SKYSHIP 
G-WHRL           H269 
HB-FKN           PC-6 
HB-HMN           PC-7 
HB-HPE           PC-9 
HB-IAF           F900 
HB-IXD           146             Crossair 
HB-YEB           LANCAIR 235 
I-DACE           A109 
I-RAIA           SF600 
I-SMAD           SF260 
I-SMJT           S211 
I-SMTF           S211 
J-516            F-16            KLU 
LN-BNH           DHC-6           Wildroe 
LS326            SWORDFISH       RN 
MM55025          AMX             AMI 
MM598            A129            ALE                        Coded EI.405 
MM7118           AMX             AMI 
MM81323          A129            ALE                        Coded EI.910 
N1508S           2000 
N1556W           400 
N1VQ             A109 
N2500B           B406 
N2726J           C560 
N31LJ            L31 
N38PP            S76 
N413GA           G1159A 
N416FS           F100 
N530FX           MD530 
N56872           350 
N602CC           CL601 
N60AJ            IAI1125 
N650DH           111 
N682CC           C650 
N731F            F20 
N800BA           125 
N84219           RENEGADE 
N871AS           L1329 
OK-PZH           L410 
PA474            LANCASTER       RAF 
PT-ZVE           EMB-123 
CCCP-82060	 An-225
SE-G03           SF-340          American Eagle             Also N203NE 
SE-IUA           MU-2 
SE-KRX           C208            Federal Express 
VH-OJA           747             QANTAS                     3/9 Only 
WB271            FIREFLY         RN 
XX227            HAWK            RAF   Red Arrows 
XX237            HAWK            RAF   Red Arrows 
XX252            HAWK            RAF   Red Arrows 
XX253            HAWK            RAF   Red Arrows 
XX260            HAWK            RAF   Red Arrows 
XX264            HAWK            RAF   Red Arrows 
XX294            HAWK            RAF   Red Arrows 
XX306            HAWK            RAF   Red Arrows 
XX307            HAWK            RAF   Red Arrows 
XX308            HAWK            RAF   Red Arrows 
XZ236            LYNX            RN 
XZ696            LYNX            RN 
YR-1033          IAR-35 
ZA101            HAWK 
ZA564            TORNADO         RAF                        Coded JK 
ZA606            TORNADO         RAF 
ZD350            HARRIER         RAF                        Coded 05 
ZD351            HARRIER         RAF                        Coded 03 
ZD354            HARRIER         RAF                        Coded 09 
ZD355            HARRIER         RAF                        Coded 01 
ZD379            HARRIER         RAF                        Coded 10 
ZD400            HARRIER         RAF                        Coded 02 
ZD402            HARRIER         RAF                        Coded 04 
ZD403            HARRIER         RAF                        Coded 08 
ZD408            HARRIER         RAF                        Coded 11 
ZD409            HARRIER         RAF                        Coded 06 
ZD470            HARRIER         RAF 
ZG468            S70 
ZG728            TORNADO         RAF 
ZG844            BN-2            AAC 
ZG989            BN-2            AAC 
ZH102            E-3             RAF                        9/9 Only 
ZH190            G109B           RAF 
ZH200            HAWK 
ZH209            EMB-312         RAF 

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