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Duxford 1998(1)

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Date: 2/3 May 1998

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MiG-21bis Fishbed, Polish AF
What is a Spitfire show without.... well, Mustangs? This example looks as if it arrives after its first flight from the factory (472218/WZ-I (G-HAEC)).

Photo copyright Paul Nann

More pictures of this airshow, see Paul Nann's Military Aviation Photo Gallery

Hurricane IIC             PZ865/J                 BoB Memorial Flight 
Spitfire F.IIA            P7350/BA-Y              BoB Memorial Flight 'The Old Lady' 
Spitfire LF.VB            AB910/ZD-C              BoB Memorial Flight 'President Roosevelt/Warner Brothers' 
Spitfire LF.XVIE          MK178/LZ-V (7241M)      EP&TU 
                          MK673/SK-E (7244M)      EP&TU 
Spitfire PR.XIX           PM631/S                 BoB Memorial Flight 
                          PS915/UM-G              BoB Memorial Flight 
Tornado F.3               ZE162/FK                25 Sqn 
                          ZE808/FA                25 Sqn 
Beech 18-3TM              1164 (G-BKGL)           Aircraft Restoration Co 
Blenheim IVT              L8841/QY-C (G-BPIV)     Aircraft Restoration Co 
CAC-18 Mustang 23         472218/WZ-I (G-HAEC)    Robert Davies/OFMC 'Big Beautiful Doll' 
DH.89A Dragon Rapide      G-AIYR                  Classic Wings 'Classic Lady' 
                          G-AKIF                  Sir Adrian Swire 
Hunter F.58               J-4021 (G-BWIU)         Historic Flying/OFMC '30 Jahre Patrouille Suisse' 
                          J-4058 (G-BWFS)         Old Flying Machine Co 
Hurricane XIIB            Z7381/XR-T (G-HURI)     The Fighter Collection 
                          BE500/LK-A (G-HURR)     Real Aeroplane Co 
Lysander IIIA             V9545/BA-C (G-BCWL)     Aircraft Restoration Co 
P-51D Mustang             463221/G4-S (G-BTCD)    The Fighter Collection 'Candyman/Moose' 
                          474008/VF-R (G-SIRR)    Intrepid Aviation Co 
                          472216/AJ-L (G-BIXL)    Robs Lamplough 'Miss L' 
P-63A Kingcobra           269097 (G-BTWR)         The Fighter Collection 'Trussst Me' 
Sea Hurricane IB          Z7015/7-L (G-BKTH)      Shuttleworth Collection 
Spitfire prototype (rep.) K5054 (BAPC 214)        Spitfire Society 
Spitfire LF.VB            EP120/AE-A (G-LFVB)     The Fighter Collection 'City of Winnipeg' 
                          BM597/JH-C (G-MKVB)     Historic Aircraft Colln 
Spitfire LF.VC            AR501/NN-A (G-AWII)     Shuttleworth Collection 
Spitfire HF.IXE           MJ730/GZ-? (G-HFIX)     David Pennell 
Spitfire LF.IXC           MH434/SZ-G (G-ASJV)     Old Flying Machine Co 'City of Warsaw' 
Spitfire LF.IXE           ML417/2I-T (G-BJSG)     The Fighter Collection 
                          TE566/DU-A (G-BLCK)     Historic Aircraft Colln 
Spitfire T.9              ML407/OU-V (G-LFIX)     Carolyn Grace 'Aon' 
                          PV202/5R-Q (G-TRIX)     Rick Roberts 
Spitfire PR.XI            PL965/R (G-MKXI)        Real Aeroplane Co 
Spitfire LF.XVIE          TE184 (G-MXVI)          Alain de Cadenet 
                          TD248/D (G-OXVI) **     Karel Bos/Antwerp Stampe Centre 
Spitfire FR.XIVE          MV293/OI-C (G-SPIT)     The Fighter Collection 
Spitfire PR.XIX           PS853/C (G-RRGN) **     Rolls-Royce plc 
Spitfire F.24             VN485                   Imperial War Museum 

Visiting and support aircraft: 
BAC 167 Strikemaster 87   OJ4/Z2 (G-UNNY) **      McCarthy Aviation 
C-47B Dakota 4            KN442 (G-AMPZ)          Air Atlantique 
CAARP CAP.10B             G-BLVK *                Eddie Coventry 
Cessna 170B               G-AORB                  Eaglescott Para Cntr 
Cessna F.172M             G-BKIJ                  V. Speck 
DHC.1 Chipmunk T.10       WP925/C (G-BXHA)        A.J. Keeling 
DHC.1 Chipmunk 22A        G-ARMG                  MG Group 
F.24R Argus III           314887 (G-AJPI) **      Tim Bishop 
LET Yakovlev C-11         G-BTUB **               Mark & John Jeffries 
Mudry CAP.10B             G-MOZZ                  M. Smith 
PA-18 Super Cub 150       G-BIMM #                Clacton Aero Club (banner tow) 
Yakovlev Yak-18T          RA-44483                Richard Goode 
Yakovlev Yak-52           55 (G-BVOK) *           Intrepid Aviation Co 

* - Present on Saturday 2 May only 
** - Present on Sunday 3 May only 
# - Did not land 

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