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North Weald 1999

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Date: 16 May 1999

Made by: David Moore, Gary Donnison, Kevin Hart, Paul Kendrick, Graham Gaff

Updated: 25 May 1999

Static (some flew): 
L8841/QY-C              Blenheim 
N285RA/6                Catalina            reg recently painted 
WD363/5                 Chipmunk 
C-552                   C-3605              Swiss c/s 
TS423/A                 Dakota 
N47FK                   DC-3 
XW865/C                 Gazelle AH.1        Blue Eagles 
XZ334/S                 Gazelle AH.1        Blue Eagles 
XZ349/-                 Gazelle AH.1        Blue Eagles 
ZB673/P                 Gazelle AH.1        Blue Eagles 
G-RORI                  Gnat                (ex XR538) 
ZD404/33                Harrier GR.7        20 Sqn 
ZD433/45                Harrier GR.7        no mks 
G-PSST                  Hunter              (ex J-4104) 
WV318                   Hunter 
WV372/R/G-BXFI          Hunter 
LF363/US-C              Hurricane           BBMF 
S5-B06                  Jungmann 
G-BSAJ                  Jungmann 
G-EMJA                  Jungmann 
N158JC                  L-39                (ex F-ZVLS, Libyan AF 8201) 
111/(G-OTAF)            L-39                Breitling Fighters/OFMC 
PA474/WS-J              Lancaster           BBMF 
ZD272/H                 Lynx AH.7           Blue Eagles 
MM54463/61-17           MB.339              61 BA 
9924/F-AZKM             OV-10B 
NZ3009                  P-40E               OPMC 
49                      P-40                US Army c/s 
463221/EZ-Z             P-51                OPMC (G-BTCD) 
472773/QP-M             P-51 
474008/VF-R             P-51 
472218/WZ-I             P-51 
WH588/NW114             Sea Fury            Australian c/s 
G-MASH                  "Sioux" 
27/VS-932               SNJ-7 Texan         US Navy c/s 
YU-YAB/137137           Soko G2A Galeb      Yugoslavian c/s (23170 according to Flypast) 
P7350/XT-D              Spitfire            BBMF 
PT462/SW-A              Spitfire 
BM597/JH-C              Spitfire 
(TE184)/HL-K            Spitfire            USAF marks as "Fargo Express" 
G-BRVE                  Staggerwing 
W5856/A2-A              Swordfish           RNHF 
N14113/51-7545          T-28S Fennec        c/n 174-398 FAA s/n 81-1 
53319/RB                TBM-3R              US Navy c/s 
ZA355/TAA               Tornado GR.1        15 Sqn 
ZF379/379               Tucano T.1          1 FTS 
G-FUNK                  Yak-50 
RA-02293                Yak-52 

Far Side: 
HA-MEP                  An-2                Utterly Butterly 
44-3081                 B-25 
WB671/910               Chipmunk            RN c/s 
H-57                    Grasshopper/Cub     US c/s 
(ET-272)                Hunter              fwd/fuselage, ex RDAF 
(WT799)/879             Hunter 
(XG172)                 Hunter 
XM424                   Jet Provost         blue/white 
XM478                   Jet Provost         grey 
XN637/03                Jet Provost         grey 
XW302/T                 Jet Provost         red/white 
(XW310)/G-BWGS          Jet Provost         red/white 
64/G-MAYA               L-29 Delfin         Russian c/s 
G-DLFN                  L-29 Delfin 
ES-ZLB                  L-39 
MM...../61-10           MB.339 
(WM224?)                Meteor 
NZ6361/61               Strikemaster 
(WP321)/750             Sea Prince 
XN691                   Sea Vixen 
18263/822               Boeing Stearman Kaydet    US c/s 
69                      Texan 
(J-1758)                Venom 
52                      Yak-52 
72/G-BXAV               Yak-52 
G-CCCP                  Yak-52 
LY-AFB/112              Yak-52 
LY-ALT                  Yak-52 

51-14526/RC             Texan              US C/S 
51183/YU-DMT            UTVA-66            Yugoslavian c/s 

WB711                   Chipmunk 
WG350                   Chipmunk 
27                      Yak-11 
56/LY-AKW               Yak-52             Russian c/s 

And the Red Arrows with 9 Hawk T1/T1As. 

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