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Alconbury 1959

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Date: 16 May 1959

Made by: John A. Smith


WD386           CHIPMUNK T10 
WK574           CHIPMUNK T10 
XK585/47        VAMPIRE T11             8FTS 
WH910           CANBERRA B2 
XF526/C         HUNTER F6               63SQ. 
XH961/R         JAVELIN FAW8 
XL148/Y         BEVERLEY C1             242OCU 
WR952/E         SHACKLETON MR2          42SQ. 
WZ380           VALIANT PR1             543SQ. 
AB910/QJ-J      SPITFIRE 5 
16568           L-20A BEAVER            STN.FLT 
0-76428         C-47                    STN.FLT 
0-76609         C-47                    STN.FLT 
17276           C-124                   MATS 
70463           C-130A                  322nd. 
62978           F-100D                  USAF 
41472           F-101A                  81TFW 
0-70170         KB-50J                  420ARS 
0-80060         WB-50D                  53WRS 
3484            B-66                    86BS. 
XF602           PROVOST T1 
4479            B-66                    86BS. 
4x              F-100                   'SKYBLAZERS' 
80077,90273,90286 WB-50D                53WRS 
6x              B-66 
                B-45                    on dump 

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