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Old Warden 1993

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Date: 6 June 1993

Made by: Joop de Groot


WV740/G-BNPH             PEMBROKE C.1   60 SQN        

AR501/G-AWII   NN-A      SPITFIRE VC    310 SQN       
P5865                    HARVARD I                     
T6818                    TIGER MOTH                    
XF597/G-BKFW             PROVOST T.1                   
XF690/G-MOOS             PROVOST T.1                   
XF877/G-AWVF             PROVOST T.1                   

G-BOML                   HA-1112M                     
10639/G-USTV   6         BF-109G        III/JG 77     
MH434          AV-H      SPITFIRE LF.IX 121 SQN       
P7350          YT-F      SPITFIRE IIA   BOBMF/65 SQN  
PA474          PM-M2     LANCASTER B.I  BOBMF/103 SQN 
PZ865          J         HURRICANE IIC  BOBMF/261 SQN 
RR299/G-ASKH   HT-E      MOSQUITO T.III BAE           
XM693/G-....             GNAT T.1                     
XX116                    JAGUAR GR.1A   16[R] SQN     

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