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Humberside 1987

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Date: 5 July 1987

Made by:

Updated: 2 January 2011

81-156            Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt         USAF 
81-986            Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt         USAF 
81-927            F-15 USAF                          USAF 
C-7               Fokker F27-300M                    Dutch Air Force 
XX558             SA Bulldog 
WD305             DHC1 Chipmunk T10 
WP809             DHC1 Chipmunk T10 
WG422             DHC1 Chipmunk T10 
WD331             DHC1 Chipmunk T10 
VP955             DH104 Devon C2 		     (remark: serial confirmed by photo)
XX196             H.S.Hawk T1A 
XX323             H.S.Hawk T1A 
XV179             Lockheed C-130 Hercules C1 
XW353             BAC Jet Provost 
XF690             Percival P56 Provost T1 
T7909             DH82A TigerMoth11 
XT680             WS58 Wessex HC2 

G.OJVH            Cessna 150H 
G.BBEV            PA-28Cherokee-140 
G.BMAL            Sikorsky S-76A 
G.BLMR            PA-18 Super Cub150 
G.RUIA            Cesnna F.172 M 
G.OSIX            PA-32 Cherokee  260 
G.BLTO            Short SD3-60 Variant 100 
G.BRJR            PA-28 Cherokee 180 
G.SKAN            Cesnna F172M 
G.AZTS            Cesnna F172 L 
G.BELT            Cesnna F 150 J 
G.AZVA            MBB Bo209 Monsun 150 FF 
G.BICW            PA-28-161 Warrior 11 
G.VITE            Robin .1180T 
G.BAJE            Cesna 177 
G.BAZC            Robin D.R. 400/160 
G.AOJH            D.H.83C Tiger Moth 
G.BACT            MBB Bo105D 
G.BIDM            Cessna F 172 H 
G.AZFI            PA-28R C herokee22b 
G.BICW            PA-28-161Warrior 
G.ATKX            Jodel D140C 
G.OANC            PA-28-161-Warrior 
G.BFKD            Enstrom F-28 A 
G.AMSV            Douglas C-47B 
G.ARHF            ForneyF-1Aircoupe 
G.BZO             Fuij FA200-160 
G.TOBI            Cessna F172k 
G.AXIF            B.121Pup2 
G.ATUB            PA-28 PA-28Cherokee 140 
G.OPUP            B121 Pup2 
G.GCAT            PA-28 Cherokee140 B 
G.BAJE            Cessna 177 Cardinal 
G.AXPN            B121 Pup2 
G.BCFW            SAAB91D Safir 
G.VITE            RobinR. 1180T 
G.AZBE            Glos-Airtourer Super150 
G.BCGS            PA-28R Cherokee Arrow 200 
G.ORJW            Laverda F8L Falco Srs 4 
G.BDFW            R. Commander112A 
G.BLVK            CAARP CAP-10B 
G.BEHH            PA-32R Cherokee Lance 300 
G.AZKO            Cessna F337 F 
G.OCDS            Aviamilano F.8L Falco 11 
G.FALC            Avromere F.8L Faco 
G.BCCX            D.H.C.1 Chipmunk  22 
G.BLKA            D.H.112 Venom FB.54               [WR410] 
G.BFAX            D.H.C. 1 Chipmunk 22 
G.DVON            D.H.104 Devon C2                  [VP955] 
G.ASKH            D.H.98 Mosquito T3                [RR299] 

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