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Kinloss 2006

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Date: 24 June 2006

Made by: Scramble, Mark McEwan, John Caie


A9-757			AP-3C		10/11sq/RAAF
20			ATL2		23F
3298			P-3C		333 skv
ZK453/M			Beech B200	45(R)sq		spec mks
XS711/L			Dominie T1	55(R)sq
XX222/CI		Hawk T1A	100sq
ZG993			Islander AL1	1 Flt		SFOR
XV231, XV232, XV240	Nimrod MR2	Kinloss MRW
ZG756/BX		Tornado GR4	14sq		spec mks
ZG775/FB		Tornado GR4	12sq
ZF171			Tucano T1	207(R)sq
ZH890/SE, ZK005/SP	Vigilant T1	663VGS
G-BYVB			Tutor T1	East of Scotia UAS
"XX530/F"		Bulldog T1	Air Training Corps
G-ANFV			Tigermoth II	ex DF155
G-FFRA			Falcon 20DC	FR Aviation

South side dispersal:
XV226, XV252, XV260	Nimrod MR2	Kinloss MRW

North side/flying:
A9-658			AP-3C		10/11sq/RAAF
140115	                CP-140		nn          
16	                ATL2		23F         
133	                Falcon 10MER	57S 
NZ4203*	                P-3K		5sq/RNZAF   
XX284/CA*		Hawk T1A	100sq
(XX329/CU)?		Hawk T1A	100sq
ZH886*			Hercules C5	LTW
ZF143			Tucano T1	1FTS
ZF144*			Tucano T1	1FTS		spec mks
XV229, XV254*		Nimrod MR2	Kinloss MRW
ZD746/TH*		Tornado GR4	15(R)sq
G-FRAF*			Falcon 20E	FR Aviation
G-FRAP*			Falcon 20DC	FR Aviation
* = also flying

Flying only:
XZ593/I			S.King HAR3	202sq
ZE964/XT, ZH557/NT	Tornado F3	56(R)sq

ZH885			Hercules C5	LTW

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