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Lee-on-Solent 1984

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Date: 21 July 1984

Made by:


LB375		Auster			Army		
G-ARSL		Beagle Terrier		Private		
G-BBXY		Bellanca Citabria	Private		
XX706		Bulldog T.1		RAF		
G-AXVK		Campbell Cricket	Private	Gyroplane	
OO-ANN		Cessna 172		Private		
59 + 24		Do.28			W. German Navy		
XS728		Dominie T.1		RAF		
XZ942		Gazelle HT.2		Royal Navy	
G-WOLL		Grumman AgCat	        Private		
G-JULY		Grumman Cheetah	        Private		
XZ132		Harrier GR.3	        RAF	       
7185		Harvard IIA	        Private	ex-SAAF
EZ407		Harvard III	        Royal Navy	
XX338		Hawk T.1	        RAF	       
XV183		Hercules C.3	        RAF	       
G-BDVH		HS.748			Private	
XM475		Jet Provost T.3		RA	
XV232		Nimrod MR.2	        RAF	
G-BEBZ		Piper Cherokee		Private
G-MARG		Piper Navajo		Private
G-BBOH		Pitts S-1		Private
G-ROLL		Pitts S-2A		Private
G-WREN		Pitts S-2A		Private
XW236		Puma HC.1	        RAF	
G-AYCF		Reims F.150		Private
ZA195		Sea Harrier FRS.1	Royal Navy	
ZA295		Sea King HC.4		Royal Navy    
89 + 59		Sea King Mk.43	        W. German Navy
G-OODE		Stampe SV.4	        Private       
G-ASXI		Tipsy Nipper	        Private       
WZ507		Vampire T.11	        RAF           
XS570		Wasp HAS.1	        Royal Navy    
G-BDSN		Wassmer Europa	        Private       
XM917		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy    
XP151		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy    
XS866		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy    
XS876		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy    
XS888		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy    
XM838		Wessex HAS.3	        Royal Navy    
XS862		Wessex HAS.3	        Royal Navy    
XS492		Wessex HU.5	        Royal Navy    
XT471		Wessex HU.5	        Royal Navy    
XN314		Whirlwind HAR.9	        Royal Navy    
XN359		Whirlwind HAR.9	        Royal Navy    
G-ZSOL		Zlin 50			Private

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