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Abingdon 1984

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Date: 15 September 1984

Made by: Martin Till


68-0459 RS              F-4E                86 TFW. 
69-0383 AR              RF-4C               10 TRW. 
66-0135                 C-141B              438 MAW. 
82-0968 TJ              F-16A               401 TFW.
133315                  CT-133              1st C.A.G. 
ET-612                  F-16B               730 ESK. 
FE992                   HARVARD 2B          G-BDAM 
LF363   VY-X            HURRICANE 2C        BOBMF. 
P7350   SH-D            SPITFIRE  2A        BOBMF. 
LS326   5A              SWORDFISH           RNMF. 
RG333                   MESSENGER 2A        G- ? 
TE311                   SPITFIRE  xv1       EXHIB. FLT.      	7241M 
WA669                   METEOR T.7          VINTAGE  PAIR 
XH304                   VAMPIRE T.11        VINTAGE  PAIR 
WG655                   SEA FURY T.20 
WK127   CS              CANBERRA T.T.18     100 SQN. 
WP901   B               CHIPMUNK T.10       AEF. 
WT532                   CANBERRA PR.7       RAE. BEDFORD 
WV267                   HUNTER GA.11        FRADU. 
XF310   VL/876          HUNTER T.7 
XF368                   HUNTER GA.11        FRADU. 
XH537                   VULCAN B.2          BDRF.   Ex 27SQN.   	8749M 
XL591   XS              HUNTER T.7          208 SQN. 
XL616                   HUNTER T.7          208 SQN. 
XF357   VL/877          HUNTER GA.11        FRADU. 
XP541                   GNAT T.1            BDRF.       		8616M 
XP750   DE              LIGHTNING T.3       LTF. 
XP820                   BEAVER AL.1 
XR658                   JRT PROVOST T.4     EXHIBITIAN FLT.   	8192M 
XR718                   LIGHTNING F.3       11 SQN. 
XS219   06              JET PROVOST T.4     1 TWU. 
XS730   H               DOMINIE T.1         6 FTS. 
XS794                   ANDOVER CC2         32 SQN 
XT863   G               PHANTOM FG.1        111 SQN. 
XV183                   HERCULES C.3 
XV215                   HERCULES C.1 
XV236                   NIMROD MR.2P        KINLOSS  WING 
XV333   DF              BUCCANEER S.2B      12 SQN. 
XV574   Z               PHANTOM FG.1        111 SQN. 
XV292                   HERCULES C.1P       LTW. 
XV758   J               HARRIER GR.3        233 OCU. 
XW200   FA              PUMA HC.1           240 OCU. 
XW351   74              JET PROVOST T.5A    1 FTS. 
XW852                   GAZELLE HT.3        32 SQN. 
XW922   K               HARRIER GR.3        233 OCU. 
XX497   E               JETSTREAM T.1       6 FTS. 
XX546   03              BULLDOG T.1         LONDON  UAS. 
XX554   09              BULLDOG T.1         LONDON  UAS. 
XX639   02              BULLDOG T.1         LONDON  UAS. 
XX661   B               BULLDOG T.1         OXFORD  UAS. 
XX892   F               BUCCANEER S2.B      237 OCU. 
XZ284                   NIMROD MR.2 
XZ499   -/002           SEA HARRIER FRS.1   801SQN. 
XZ585                   SEA KING HAR.3      202 SQN. 
XZ936                   GAZELLE HT.2        ETPS. 
ZA144   E               VC-10 K.2           101 SQN. 
ZA366                   TORNADO GR.1        TWCU/ 45 SQN. 
ZA542   N               TORNADO GR.1        617 SQN. 
ZA947                   DAKOTA C.3          RAE. FARNBOROUGH    	KG661 
ZB626   L               GAZELLE HT.3        2 FTS 
ZE396                   BAE 125 CC.3        32 SQN. 
ZD283   M               LYNX AH.1 
XX979                   JAGUAR GR.1         A&AEE 
XZ373 CG                JAGUAR GR.1         ex 20 SQN. 
XX724 GH                JAGUAR GR.1         54 SQN. 
XX738                   JAGUAR GR.1         ex LOAN INDIAN AF. 
XZ106 26                JAGUAR GR.1         2 SQN. 
XZ398                   JAGUAR GR.1 
XZ116 D                 JAGUAR GR.1         41 SQN. 
XZ367 24                JAGUAR GR.1         226 OCU. 
XZ372 04                JAGUAR GR.1         226 OCU. 
XZ362 19                JAGUAR GR.1         2 SQN., 
XX833 AY                JAGUAR T.2          14 SQN. 
XX837 Z                 JAGUAR T.2          226 OCU., 
XX178                   HAWK                4FTS. 
XX220                   HAWK                TWU. 234 SQN. 
XX262                   HAWK                4 FTS. 
XX285 R                 HAWK                TWU. 
XX298                   HAWK                4FTS . 
XX309                   HAWK                4FTS. 
XX314                   HAWK                4FTS. 
XX326 A                 HAWK                TWU. 
XX339                   HAWK                TWU. 
XX348                   HAWK                TWU. 

ZD230                   SUPER VC-10 
ZD231                   SUPER VC-10 
ZD235                   SUPER VC-10 
ZD236                   SUPER VC-10 
ZD237                   SUPER VC-10 
ZD238                   SUPER VC-10 
ZD239                   SUPER VC-10 
ZD240                   SUPER VC-10 
ZD240                   SUPER VC-10 
ZD241                   SUPER VC-10 
ZD242                   SUPER VC-10 
ZD243                   SUPER VC-10 

XJ609                   S.VIXEN FAW.2       8172M 		(MARKED 8171M) 
XS120 CU/520            WESSEX HAS.1        8653M 
WH703                   CANBERRA B.2        8490M 
WH869                   CANBERRA B.2        8515M 
WV787                   CANBERRA B.2/8      8799M 
WH856 56                CANBERRA T.T18      8742M

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