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Fairford 1955

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Date: 21 May 1955

Made by: Peter Nicholson


47-0095       	B-45A Tornado         		47th BW
51-0902         F-84G Thunderjet                79th BS/20th FBW
52-6440         F-84F Thunderstreak            	81st FBW
52-10019        F-86D Sabre                     406th FIW
53-5056         T-33A Shooting Star            	20th FBW
53-0112         KC-97G Stratofreighter        	310th BW
52-0304         B-47E Stratojet                 381st BS/310th BW
51-0342         KC-97F Stratofreighter        	310th ARS
53-0109         KC-97F Stratofreighter        	310th ARS
47-15645        C-47A                           3909th ABG
43-15619        C-47A     

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