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Ternhill 1964

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Date: .. .. 1964

Made by: Dave Windsor


TX219 		Anson.         
XE982           Vampire.       
VP972           Devon.         
XJ757           Whirlwind.	F-W. 
XG515           Sycamore.      
XM459           Jet Provest.	21.
WB534           Dove.          
XM528           Skeeter.       
WG422           Chipmunk.      
WF791           Meteor.		27.     
XD550           Vampire.	32.    
XM330           Wessex.        
WG753           Valetta.	S.     
TA638           Mosquito.      
WJ916           Varsity.	T.     
XA629           Javelin.       
XP333           Whirlwind.     
XR485           Whirlwind.     
XM649           Vulcan.        
XH591           Victor.        
XF706           Shackleton.	N.  
XM707           Gnat.          
XM564           Skeeter.       
XP355           Whirlwind.	W-A. 
XP331           Whirlwind.	W-T. 
XP302           Whirlwind.	W-M. 
WD285           Chipmunk.	A.    
XT138           Sioux.         
XP678           Jet Provest.   
XB269           Beverley.      
XJ380           Sycamore.	S-M.  
XA498           Britannia.     
WJ667           Canberra.      
WH647           Canberra.      
XN786           Lightning.     
WF330           Varsity.       
XJ687           Sea Vixen.     
XN647           Sea Vixen.     
XP443           Argosy.        
XN997           Bucaneer.      
XP805           Beaver.        
420430 		Me.210
0-26146 	Beaver.
0-50940 	C-47B.

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