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Coningsby 1994

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Date: 10 August 1994

Made by:


CS03                  BAe748        21sm  
FA66                  F-16A         nm    
FA90                  F-16A         31sm  
FA101, FA109, FA133   F-16A         1sm   
FA104, FA130          F-16A         2sm   
FA132, FA134          F-16A         2sm   
FA136                 F-16A         nn    
J-240                 F-16A         315sq 
282                   F-16A         332Skv
XV865                 Buccaneer S2B BDRF
WD955/EM              Canberra T17A 360sq
WK518                 Chipmunk T10  BoBMF       
WP837/L, WP981/D      Chipmunk T10  5AEF        
ZA947/YS-DM           Dakota C4     BoBMF       
ZE354/R               F-4J (UK)     BDRF        
ZG505                 Harrier GR7   3sq         
ZG860                 Harrier GR7   SAOEU       
XX172                 Hawk T1       St. Athan SF
XX177/CP, XX312/CF    Hawk T1       100sq       
XX196/DB              Hawk T1A      208(R)sq    
XX201/N               Hawk T1A      92(R)sq     
XX295                 Hawk T1       6FTS        
XX352                 Hawk T1A      19(R)sq     
XE601                 Hunter FGA9   A&AEE       
PZ865                 Hurricane 2C  BoBMF       
XX116                 Jaguar GR1A   16(R)sq     
XZ391/GM              Jaguar GR1A   54sq        
XT905/Q, XV426/P      Phantom FGR2  nn          
XV460/R, XV497/W      Phantom FGR2  nn          
AB910                 Spitfire VB   BoBMF       
PM631, PS853/C        Spitfire PR19 BoBMF
PS915                 Spitfire PR19 BoBMF
ZA322/B-50            Tornado GR1   TTTE   
ZA462/CG              Tornado GR1   17sq   
ZA474/FF, ZA492/FL    Tornado GR1   12sq   
ZA614/TB              Tornado GR1   15(R)sq
ZD709/BR              Tornado GR1   14sq   
ZD890/AE              Tornado GR1   9sq    
ZG708/C               Tornado GR1A  13sq   
ZG750/Y               Tornado GR1T  13sq   
ZG791/DC              Tornado GR1   31sq   
ZE163/AA, ZE202/AG    Tornado F3    56(R)sq
ZE209/AV, ZE287/AH    Tornado F3    56(R)sq
ZE290/AD, ZE785/AT    Tornado F3    56(R)sq
ZE790/AW, ZE832/A7    Tornado F3    56(R)sq
ZG768/AX, ZG774/AY    Tornado F3    56(R)sq
ZH556/AK, ZH559/AO    Tornado F3    56(R)sq
ZE206/FH              Tornado F3    25sq   
ZE341/HD              Tornado F3    111sq  
ZE756                 Tornado F3    F3OEU  
ZE838/GH              Tornado F3    43sq    
ZE934/DX              Tornado F3    11sq    
ZG734/BA              Tornado F3    29sq    
ZG793/CY              Tornado F3    5sq     
86-0164/LN,86-0172/LN F-15C         493rd FS
91-0331/LN,91-0335/LN F-15E         494th FS
Maintenance hangar:                  
ZE157/A1, ZE166/AF    Tornado F3    56(R)sq 
ZE208/AN, ZE253/AC    Tornado F3    56(R)sq 
ZE340/AE, ZE789/AV    Tornado F3    56(R)sq 
ZE812/A8, ZE836/AS    Tornado F3    56(R)sq 
ZG799/AQ              Tornado F3    56(R)sq 
ZH553/BY              Tornado F3    29sq    

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