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Mildenhall 1980

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Date: 23/24 August 1980

Made by: Michael Wilson, Jeff Hamilton

Updated: 23 March 2007

77-0273 'WR'	A-10A		USAF 81TFW						
78-0594 'WR'	A-10A		USAF 81TFW
68-0220		C-5A		USAF 436MAW		
71-0880		C-9A		USAF 55AAS		
76-0166		C-12A		USAF 58MAS		
68-10938	C-130E		USAF 435TAW		
69-5823		HC-130N		USAF 67ARRS		
69-5826		HC-130N		USAF 67ARRS		
69-6581		C-130E		USAF 435TAW		
70-1264		C-130E		USAF 435TAW		
70-1274		C-130E		USAF 435TAW		
74-1666		C-130H		USAF 463TAW		
74-1676		C-130H		USAF 463TAW		
74-1677		C-130H		USAF 463TAW		
74-2061		C-130H		USAF 463TAW		
58-0095		KC-135Q		USAF 100ARW		
61-0285		EC-135H		USAF 10ACCS		
59-5959		C-140A		USAF 1866FCS		
62-4200		VC-140B		USAF 58MAS		
66-0195		C-141B		USAF 437MAW		
69-0374 'AR'	RF-4C		USAF 10TRW		
74-1544 '44'	F-5E		USAF 527TFTAS		
71-0291		YF-15B		USAF 'Strike Eagle'	
76-0028 'BT'	F-15A		USAF 36TFW		
76-0029 'BT'	F-15A		USAF 36TFW		
68-0019 'UH'	F-111E		USAF 20TFW		
69-6606		UH-1N		USAF 67ARRS		
69-5784		HH-53C		USAF 67ARRS		
73-1647		HH-53C		USAF 67ARRS		
67-14701	OV-10A		USAF 601TCW		
141009		C-131F		USN NAF			
158918 'LF-8'	P-3C		USN VP-16		
69-17019	OV-1D		USArmy			
XV154		Buccaneer S.2  	RAF 237OCU		
XH168		Canberra PR.9	RAF 39Sqn.
XX223		Hawk T.1	RAF 4FTS		
XX227		Hawk T.1	RAF Red Arrows		
XX231		HawK T.1	RAF 4FTS		
XX251		Hawk T.1	RAF Red Arrows		
XX252		Hawk T.1	RAF Red Arrows		
XX253		Hawk T.1	RAF Red Arrows		
XX257		Hawk T.1	RAF Red Arrows		
XX259		Hawk T.1	RAF Red Arrows		
XX260		Hawk T.1	RAF Red Arrows		
XX264		Hawk T.1	RAF Red Arrows		
XX266		Hawk T.1	RAF Red Arrows		
XX303		Hawk T.1	RAF 1TWU		
XX315		Hawk T.1	RAF 1TWU		
XF995		Hunter T.8B	RAF 237OCU		
		Hurricane IIc	RAF BBMF		
XX113 '09'	Jaguar GR.1	RAF 226OCU		
XX766 '14'	Jaguar GR.1	RAF 226OCU		
PA474 'AJ-G'	Lancaster I	RAF BBMF		
XR718 'C'	Lightning F.3	RAF LTF			
XR751 'A'	Lightning F.3	RAF LTF			
WF791		Meteor T.7	RAF Vintage Pair	
XV426 'Q'	Phantom FGR.2  	RAF 228OCU		
XV488 'R'	Phantom FGR.2  	RAF 228OCU		
WL756		Shackleton AEW.2  RAF 8Sqn.		
		Spitfire	RAF BBMF		
XH304		Vampire T.11	RAF Vintage Pair	
XL233		Victor K.2	RAF 55Sqn.		
XL425		Vulcan B.2	RAF 617Sqn.		
WT806 '838'	Hunter GA.11	RN Blue Herons		
WV267 '836'	Hunter GA.11	RN Blue Herons		
XE668 '832'	Hunter GA.11	RN Blue Herons		
XF300 '860'	Hunter GA.11	RN Blue Herons		
XF368 '863'	Hunter GA.11	RN Blue Herons		
ZA947		Dakota 3	RAE			
1102 'B'	Saab 105OE	AustrianAF Karo As	
1111 'A'	Saab 105OE	AustrianAF Karo As	
1122 'B'	Saab 105OE	AustrianAF Karo As	
1123 'C'	Saab 105OE	AustrianAF Karo As	
1137 'G'	Saab 105OE	AustrianAF Karo As	
1140 'J'	Saab 105OE	AustrianAF Karo As	
104749		CF-104		CAF 1CAG		
104751		CF-104		CAF 1CAG		
104790		CF-104		CAF 1CAG		
104808		CF-104		CAF 1CAG		
104842		CF-104		CAF 1CAG		
104862		CF-104		CAF 1CAG		
115460		CC-115		CAF			
133069		CT-133		CAF 1CAG		
133393		CT-133		CAF 1CAG		
220 '2-HC'	CM.170		FrenchAF		
412 '2-LH'	Mirage IIIE	FrenchAF		
227 '12-KP'	Mirage F.1C	FrenchAF		
A-350		Alouette III	RNethAF G'hoppers	
A-351		Alouette III	RNethAF G'hoppers	
A-398		Alouette III	RNethAF G'hoppers	
A-406		Alouette III	RNethAF G'hoppers 
A-499		Alouette III	RNethAF G'hoppers
C-12		Fk.27M		RNethAF           
K-3041		NF-5A		RNethAF           
K-4025		NF-5B		RNethAF           
D-8138		RF-104G		RNethAF                   
376		F-5A		RNorAF            
908		F-5B		RNorAF            
263		TF-104G		RNorAF 331Skv.            
E.25-08		CASA 101	SpanishAF Esc.793 
5093		C.160D		WGAF              
2305		F-104G		WGN MFG2          
2682		F-104G		WGN MFG2          
6117		Atlantic	WGN MFG3  
G-AKKB		Miles M.65 Gemini 1A              
G-ANDE		DH.82A Tiger Moth                 
G-ASJL		Be.H.35 Bonanza                   
G-ATBG		Nord 1002 Pingouin                
G-AXMT		Bu.133 Jungmeister                
G-AZKI		Harvard IIB 		'FT 229'              
G-AZMH		MS.500 Criquet                    
G-BADW		Pitts S.2A Special	Rothmans  
G-BADZ		Pitts S.2A Special	Rothmans  
G-BCTT		Evans VP-2                        
G-BDEY		Piper L-4J Cub                    
G-BECM		Pitts S.2A Special	Rothmans  
G-BEDF		B-17G Fortress 		'485784'           
G-BFIR		Anson T.21 		'WD 413'               
G-BFKK		Pembroke C.1 		'XF 796'             
G-BGPB		Harvard IV 		'385'                  
G-BGSE		Pitts S.2A Special	Rothmans  
G-BGSF		Pitts S.2A Special	Rothmans  
G-BHIZ		PA.31-310                         
G-BHMT		Evans VP-1                                
G-BHVO		PA.34-200                                 
G-FURY		Sea Fury FB.11                            
G-HUNT		Hunter F.51                               
G-OKAY		Pitts S.1E Special                        
G-WULF		FW.190 replica (1/2 scale)                
JY-DCA		BN.2A-21 Islander                         
JY-RJG		Pitts S.2A Special R.J.Falcons            
JY-RJH		Pitts S.2A Special R.J.Falcons            
JY-RJJ		Pitts S.2A Special R.J.Falcons    
N3710G		A-26C Invader '322612'                    
N96240		Be.D.18S                                  

Aircraft on South side of Airfield:
74-1668		C-130H		USAF 463TAW		
74-1672		C-130H		USAF 463TAW		
74-1674		C-130H		USAF 463TAW		
74-2130		C-130H		USAF 463TAW		
58-0043		KC-135A		USAF N.Hamp.ANG		
59-1474		KC-135Q		USAF 100ARW		
59-1480		KC-135Q		USAF 100ARW	
59-1523		KC-135Q		USAF 100ARW	
60-0339		KC-135Q		USAF 380BW	
60-0364		KC-135A		USAF 410BW	
61-0282		EC-135H		USAF 10ACCS	
61-0291		EC-135H		USAF 10ACCS	
62-3523		KC-135A		USAF 93BW	
63-8009		KC-135A		USAF 305ARW     
63-8010		KC-135A		USAF 22BW  
63-8028		KC-135A		USAF 305ARW
63-8883		KC-135A		USAF 305ARW
64-14843	RC-135V		USAF 55SRW 
64-14847	RC-135U		USAF 55SRW 
140997		C-131F		USN NAF    

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