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Prestwick 1989

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Date: 10 June 1989

Made by: Gary Donnison, AIR


Sea Harrier FRS.1	ZD611/717  	899 Sqn
Sea Heron C.1		XR445  		VLSF
Tucano T.1		ZF141  		CFS
F-4J(UK)		ZE360/O  	74 Sqn
Jaguar T.2A		XX838/X 	226 OCU
Jaguar GR.1A		XZ399/03  	226 OCU
Hunter T.7		XL614/O  	237 OCU
Hawk T.1A		XX280/280  	1 TWU
Hawk T.1A		XX193/193  	1 TWU
Hawk T.1		XX292/292  	4 FTS
Jet Provost T.5A	XW413/69 	1 FTS
Jet Provost T.3A	XM376/27  	1 FTS
Tornado GR.1		ZA560/O  	617 Sqn
Bulldog T.1		XX541/L  	1 FTS
Devon C.2 		XM223/J  	RAE
Wessex HC.2  		XR527/K  	72 Sqn
Gazelle HT.3  		ZB625/N 	2 FTS
Andover E.3  		XS610/610  	115 Sqn
Buccaneer S.2B  	XV343/343   	208 Sqn
Phantom FGR.2  		XT896/CY 	228 OCU
Victor K.2  		XL188  		55 Sqn
Lynx AH.1  		XZ666  		655 Sqn
Sycamore 3  		WA576  		Private
A-7D			70-1046/OH  	162 TFS Ohio ANG
A-7D			74-1746/OH  	162 TFS Ohio ANG
C-141B			40651  		437 MAW
P-3C  			161045  	VP-8
A-10A  			81-979/AR  	10 TFW marked "10 TFW"
KC-135R  		38021  		305 ARW
RC-12D  		80-23375  	2 MIB
OV-1D  			67-18927  	1 MIB
E-3A  			LX-N90442  	NATO
CT-133A  		133052  	GTTF
CF-18A  		188733  	1 CAD
Tornado  		43+14/G-72   	TTTE
P-3C  			310/V		320 Sqn

Flying/far side:
A-10A  			80-231/AR  	10 TFW
C-141B  		67945  		437 MAW
Tornado F.3  		ZE209/AS  	ZE295/AR
Jetstream T.2  		XX487/CU568  	750 Sqn
Lynx HAS.3  		ZD260/303  	815 Sqn
Sea Harrier FRS.1 	ZD581/718  	899 Sqn
Nimrod MR.2P  		XV234/34  	Kinloss Wg
Shackleton AEW.2  	WL790/90  	8 Sqn
Gazelle HT.2  		XW886/CU45  	705 Sqn
Gazelle HT.2  		XW856/CU49  	705 Sqn
Sea King HAS.5  	ZA131/133  	826 Sqn
Sea Fury  FB.11  	TF956/T123  	FAAHF 	ditched in sea after display, w/o
Hawk T.1A/T.1 of the Red Arrows:
XX227, XX237, XX252, XX260, XX264, XX266, XX306, XX307, XX308
And finally, four F-16s from TJ flew over.

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