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Exeter 1976

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Date: 3 July 1976

Made by: Paul Carr


Lancaster I           PA474/KM:B 
Vulcan B.2            XM608 
Jet Provost T.5A      XW336/6,XW357/5,XW369/9,XW420/8,XW422/3 
Airedale              G-ATCC 
King Air C90          F-BUTV 
BN-2A                 G-AXXJ                                      Brymon 
Devon C.2             WB531 
DC-9-14               EC-CGZ                                      Spantax 
Lightning F.3         XR720/M 
Swordfish II          LS326/5A 
Fournier RF-5         F-BSGA 
FA.200                G-BAPM 
HP Herald             G-APWE,G-APWF,G-APWJ,G-ASKK,G-AVPN 
Hurricane IIC         LF363/LE:D 
Buccaneer S.1         XN962  (nose only)                          RAFEF 
Gnat T.1              XP514,XP539,XR540,XR572,XR955,XR981,        Red Arrows 
                      XR991,XR993,XS101,XS107                     Red Arrows 
Nimrod MR.1           XV226 
Hercules C.1          XV186,XV297 
Phantom FG.1          XV573/L 
Messenger 2A          RG333/G-AIEK 
Harvard IIB           G-BDAM 
PA-23-160             G-APBD 
PA-23-250             G-ATJZ,G-AYTC,G-AYZO                        all Baylee 
PA-28-181             SE-GNE 
PA-30                 G-ASRH 
PA-31-350             G-OLLY 
Pitts S-2A            G-BADW,G-BADX,G-BADY,G-BADZ,G-BAEA          Rothmans 
Safir                 G-BCFS 
Rallye                G-ARXX 
Stampe SV-4           G-BAKN 

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